Stories and Thoughts

June 29, 2010

I Love Burger

29 JUNE 2010: I’m always a burger lover. During schooling and Uni time, I could only afford those Ramly burger that I still like it until now, especially the burger special with extra mayonnaise..simply yummy. Can hardly find a nice Ramly stall nearby my house now.

A friend of mine, Mr. P has recommended this restaurant in Bangsar Village but I never thought of paying a visit. According to him, the restaurant (Daily Grind) serves the best burger in town. Therefore, we went for it during one of these Sunday. Met with him at Starbucks when he was playing around with his new DSLR. Am I a talented model? Walked down to the restaurant after an hour of chat, and I was surprise that I wasn’t aware of the place despite hundred times of visiting to this mall.

Ordered a beef burger recommended by the waiter. The food portion was just nice and the burger tasted great. A comfortable atmosphere with lovely music, and good food; I love it.

Are you a burger lover? What is your recommendation for my next visit?

June 22, 2010

What’s Your Color?

22 JUNE 2010: Some people said color represents emotion, while others would say color represents fashion etc. This is quite a subjective topic dependent on individual’s belief. Still remember a friend used to tell me that there’re only black and white in the world, that light is the main source producing colors. Honestly, I don’t like the idea at all that I don’t want my world to be colorless and depending on other (light) to color my world. We all should have control over our own life, I believe.

Back to the topic; it was gloomy morning that I chose to wear a red polo shirt for work to bright up my day a little perhaps. And the other 2 team mates of mine wore the same color (different tones) by coincidence. Of course we do have our own reason for choosing such color. However, I couldn’t help but wonder that the choice was merely based on our emotion influenced by the weather.

What is color of shirt that you wear today? And why did you choose such color?