Stories and Thoughts

February 12, 2010

Flowery New Year

12 FEB 2010: Been a quiet morning today. The traffic was very smooth and the office is being so peaceful now. I just love it this way.

As all the shopping malls have their own theme when it comes to CNY décor, I think my family is trying to follow the same trend too. And our theme for this year is “FAT FA DIN (發花癲)”. Have no idea where and when that my father gets all those flowers from. Previously I’ve seen only one pot at the corner of the living room. And when I woke up this morning and walked down from my room, ya allah…another big one besides the TV, the whole tree lagi tu. Probably my father wants to get me more “TOU FA WAN (桃花运)” for this coming year, LOL.

How about your house décor? Done anything spectacular or extra ordinary?
BTW, Happy Chinese New Year to all of you.

February 10, 2010

Lou Sang

10 FEB 2010: Bet this is the thing that we all love to do during the CNY festive season. I remember that people used to start Lou Sang-ing after the actual CNY, but it seems totally different now.

Wherever I went for dinner at any Chinese restaurant weeks back, they already asked whether we want to Lou Sang. And till today, I’ve done it 2 times. And I believe I will have another round during my company dinner later tonight.

Does anyone know what the actual purpose of Lou Sang is? So that everything will be better next year. But what if we did it too much? Can “better” turn out to be “worse”? Just a food of thought for you. How many times you have Lou Sang till today? What do you enjoy most about it? I know someone actually like to eat it (Bought from Jusco and kept in his fridge, you know who you are huh)

February 7, 2010

Putrajaya Night Run 2010

6 FEB 2010: Putrajaya night marathon was claimed as the 1st night marathon event within the country. Can’t confirm on the truth behind it, but it was my 2nd half marathon run for sure.

The half marathon category started at 830pm. Medals are given to runners who completed the run within 3.5 hours. Comparing to the previous Penang Bridge Marathon, the route is obviously tougher. And felt like taking me ages to complete the run. I ran at my own pace for the 1st 14 km before I stopped for rest, with sweat all over my body. And for the next few km, I just took my own sweet time to complete it while enjoying the Putrajaya night view. Magnificent bridges I would say.

Been given a bottle of mineral water and a snack pack containing a bread, banana and muffin after the run. The tired me reached home at 1230am. Will I join the same event again next year? Maybe but probably will only go for 7.7km, LOL. Will you join next year?