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January 8, 2009

不爱我 放了我

8 JAN 2008: Another normal working day. Work has been quiet lately waiting for feedback from other parties, which gave me some free time to go through my collection of mp3. Listening to them one by one, and suddenly a very familiar music started to play. Through my headphone, I can hear very clearly every single note played.

It was a song sung by Valen Hsu, a very talented and popular Taiwanese singer during 90’s. The music and lyric were beautifully composed and written. It used to be my best company during my down time few years back. Thousand times played.

不爱我 放了我……别在我心灰意冷时又说爱我…

Recalling those memories while giving myself a big smile, such a silly boy I used to be. But hey, how could we grown up without those bad experiences? Thanks….especially to “you”, for making me a much wiser man now.

曲名: 不爱我放了我 歌手: 许茹芸

我是这样僵着 忍着 苦着 等着
被你那样摆着 晾着 冻着 空着
泪干了 就让眼枯了 人走了 就让心死了

被你那样搁着 放着 悬着 藏着
我是这样熬着 病着 痛着 蔓延着
天黑了 别让灯亮着 你走了 就让门关着

不爱我 放了我
不爱我 放了我

你想走 你就走
要自由 就自由


lcfu said...

erm so nicely written ya the lyrics =)

Lifebook said...

poor things.. hug*

Fable Frog said...

aiyer~ no english translation meh~?

word verification : haphy [sounds like happy hor]

*Anton* said...

This is when a banana like me gets frustrated. Serves me right for not learning the hanyupinyin.

Life's sad experiences only makes us stronger and wiser people. Take care buddy. ^_^


Twilight Zone said...

So many bananas like me, haiks!... When I was down in US, I listened to Alan Tam oldies by the frozen river during Winter and felt very good after that. The best thing was that I didn't understand a single word sung. Didn't I say I am a banana?


Danny said...

at least u r happy now :)
cheers :))

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

lcfu: Yeap, it is. Do u like this song as well?

Lifebook: Haha, thanks.

Fable Frog: Direct translation would be "Let me go if you love me no more". :)

Anton: Yeap, all those up and down would only makes us stronger. Glad I've gone through quite a lot..hehe.

Twilight Zone: Alan Tam's songs were lovely. Wow, another banana in the house.

Danny: Yeap, happily ever after. :)

~LeuMaS~ said...

i used to like Valen too during my high school time...its has been quite a while~ dunknw where she is right now...kind of miss her song

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

LeuMas: I think she did release an album last year. Pretty nice those songs inside that album.

LAURENCE said...

i like tis song too~

Sam said...

Such a sad song!

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Laurence: Well, we have the same taste. But hopefully not same experience. :)

Sam: Don't tell me you know chinese, do you? Don't make Anton and the rest feel bad...Hehe.