Stories and Thoughts

August 28, 2009

Berry Berry…I LOVE YOU

28 AUG 2009: I’ve just got this new toy few days back. It wasn’t that user friendly initially but its beauty covers all the downside. I’m still in the progress of learning to be with her 24x7. Nothing fancy about the phone physically or functionality wise. However, the build quality is good and emailing is excellent by using this phone.

I guess I’m falling in love again…unfortunately just with a mobile phone.

August 27, 2009

My Little Guardian Angel

26 AUGUST 2009: Sometimes, a gift from someone that doesn’t cost much monetary wise but could really touch our heart deeply. A good friend of mine came back from Singapore and made this little gift for me; a little angel made from crystals. I saw such thing before at those shops but I felt nothing towards such fancy accessories. However, when my friend told me that it was hand-made; It was kind of touched me suddenly. Therefore, I hang it in my car where looking at it every day reminds of this precious friend of mine.

What is the cheapest gift you have received that meant a lot for you?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been extremely busy lately with works that takes away all my time from blogging and checking out all your blogs (You know who you are). I felt good last weekend when I finally had time to catch up a movie and some drinks at KL. Hope all of you are doing well too.

Selamat berpuasa to everyone.

August 12, 2009

Don’t mess with the bitch

7 AUG 2009: 2nd half of year 2009 doesn’t seem to be good for me. I’ve been extremely busy with work and lots of problems suddenly came to me ever since early last month. Not to mention about work where I’ve been running 3 different projects concurrently that takes away all my old sweet time of chatting in office. The worst thing happened was I received a letter asking me to attend a court case due to an accident that I met on year 2007.

A bike hit my car from the back when I drove to KL on the day of incident. The pillion had a fractured knee and she’s now filing a court case to claim from my car’s insurance. What a bitch!! Therefore, the insurance company’s lawyer requested me to attend the court to provide briefing on the accident itself. It wasn’t that bad at all as it was my 1st experience being in a real court. Perhaps it was just a little civil case, where they took it really slow and easy. The lawyers talked in a pace 5x slower than me. And they didn’t seem prepared for the case, as they were continuously looking at the paper (for at least 30 seconds) before asking the next question.

Have you been to any court case before? What was it about and how was the experience?

August 3, 2009

Black or White

3 AUG 2009: Look around you…did you notice that some of your friends have suddenly become tanner though they didn’t go for sun tanning? Well, I have few friends who did. There was a tanning studio opened at Mid Valley months back that my friends have signed up for their package, where each tanning session (15-20 min) cost around RM30++ excluding the lotion. Anyhow, I shall feel glad that I don’t need such service, as I’m not a fair person myself.

The elderly always say that “Fair skin can cover 3 ugliness” and does this still applicable nowadays? Anyhow, I’m still seeing lots of beauty products for fairer skin, but those are mostly targeting on ladies. I couldn’t help but wonder whether ladies always want a fairer skin, and guys like a tanner skin color? Or it’s a matter of personal preference?

So ladies and gentlemen, what’s your preference on skin color (For yourself and your partner)?