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November 20, 2009

Penang Bridge Marathon 2009

20 NOV 2009: The once a year Penang Bridge Marathon is around the corner again (22 Nov 2009). I will drive up tomorrow with some friends. We plan to start our journey from KL at 6:30am, stop by at Ipoh for dim sum and reach Penang at around 1-2pm for hotel check-in and to collect our goodies bad at Queens Bay Mall.

This is my 2nd time joining Penang Bridge Marathon where the 1st run was 3 years back for the fun run (10km). But I will run for 21km this time. A little nervous I am as didn’t really practice much for this run. Hopefully I can finish it within the time limit of 3.5 hours.

Anyone else join this event? I will be in Penang till Monday though, any recommendation for makan place? Hm..maybe I should ask TZ on this.


savante said...

Hope you make it through to the end! Good luck!

[SK] said...

aiyoh, 6:30am only you start from KL, scared later the dim sum in Ipoh already finish when you reach there.. :p

yes yes yes!! all the best to you in the run!! don't fall down~~ hehe :p

Medie007 said...

all the best! remember to breath! :P

TZ said...

Buy me a flight ticket and pay for my accomodation. I could be your photographer and tour guide in Penang... :p


haha, i didnt register this as well :P
maybe next year only i can join u guys :)

the happy go lucky one said...

yeah agree with sk, u have to reach ipoh before 8.30am, i been to the fohsan later than 8.30am u have to stand there waiting for ppl finish before u got to sit down :P
the penang bridge run is very nice de, i enjoyed the scenery and the fresh air in the morning, wish u all the best ya :)

Gratitude said...

I've requsted via ESP for granny's spiritual help to gv your tight arse a helping push during the marathon whenever it starts to get heavy. hehe

See you on Monday! ^_^

aaronng88 said...

hahaha jia u for the run.. =)argh~ i miss penang food!

fufu said...

wow... we had a marathon here in frankfurt couple of weeks ago =p

LAURENCE said...

add oil lal!!

conan_cat said...

wow, running 21km! :D you must be a real fit guy! do tell us how did it go ya!! will be waiting for the good news :D

Chris said...

Enjoy urself at Penang ya,,

KY said...

savante: Thanks buddy, and good to hear from you. :)

SK: We reached Ipoh at 9am++ and it wasn't too late though. And the new Fu San is so huge, with 2 storey shop. Felt like having dim sum in KL, lost the "Ipoh" feel somehow.

Medie007: I followed exactly what Doc said...breath..but my leg was painful!!!

TZ: We were using the GPS, but still it wasn't that useful. Think even the "loony" you are better than that silly GPS lo, LOL. Just kidding..

KY said...

L²: Register next year? Make sure you really do it. But I think I won't join again, couldn't take the distance..:(

the happy go lucky one: Don't worry, foh san is damn huge now. Lots of tables and spaces. But I prefer the old shop lo. Yeap, Penang Bridge Run was FUN!!!

Anton" I'm still surviving. Thanks for the push on my tight arse ya. LOL.

aaronng88: Thanks. And I had too much Char Kuey Tiew!!

KY said...

fufu: Nice, how was it? Mind to share..

LAURENCE: Yea, 21km. Thanks.

conan_cat: The event was very well organized, but lots of water station along the route. Penang Bridge was nice and windy as usual. But 21km is a little too long for me, and I was kinda lack of practice.

Chris: OK la the run, but no "jalan" in Penang lo.