Stories and Thoughts

January 26, 2010

Hong Kong (2007 vs 2010)

15 - 21 JAN 2010: Went to HK for 7D6N trip with family. Took quite a lot of photos over the week even though I was there 3 years back. Went to some of those same places again as my 2nd sister and nephew were along this time around (They didn't go 3 years back). The weather was lovely (13-18C). Anyhow, not much of shopping this time around as those outlets were selling mostly winter clothes.

Coincidencely, took some photos at the same places as 3 years back. Therefore, I tried to put those together to see my changes over the past 3 years. Guess nothing much changed apart from being an older me now.

These are the selected shots of my nephew over the trip. Such a naughty but photogenic little boy he is.

Well, when and where will be my next trip?

January 15, 2010

2 Hours...

15 Jan 2010: Finally I have time to check my blog again. Looked at the previous post and realized that was like 18 days ago? Wow, what have I done within this period? Did anyone realize that I’ve been missing indeed?

Work has been piled up lately since new year, been assigned to a new project that requires me to complete the thing by end of the month without any supporting documents provided. Did a lot of researches and almost daily night conference calls to discuss on open items. What made it worse was I’ll be on a week leave within the month that I need to get it done ideally before I leave.

And here I am, done my project review with US side an hour ago and packed all my stuff. Another 2 hours that I’ll leave to airport, and by 10am++ I’ll step on the land of “Shopping Heaven”…Yippie. No more Blackberry with me this time around, I need a peaceful holiday

OK guys, catch up again when I’m back to town and may you all have a good week ahead.