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April 7, 2010

Your Birthday?

7 APR 2010: Bumped into a scenario lately where Birthday Reminder in FB shows birthday of my friend as today, but my own calendar stated it would be the day after. Well, lots of other friends sent birthday wishes to him through FB. Anyhow, I’ve verified with his special friend and obviously this friend purposely put a fake birth date in FB.

Somehow I believe people nowadays are becoming more dependent on such technologies to keep themselves updated with stuff around them, especially when it comes to dates. But it’s always sweet to receive wishes from someone on your birthday, isn’t it? I know this could be tricky and I hate dates as well. These are few ways that I use to keep track of them:

- 1st priority: Brain (VIP).
- 2nd priority: Stores in cellphone’s calendar with reminder.
- 3rd priority: Marks in office’s table calendar.
- The rest: FB’s birthday reminder.

How do you remember those special dates? Or you don’t actually care about it?


Medie007 said...

i've only remembered my family's birthday around certain month, but not exactly which date lor.

but one thing for sure, mine's on the 23rd of April lor okay. hehehehehehehe.. tau tau lah. hahahahaha

Danny said...

families' birthday.. in mind
the rest all in my organizer ..
but will be more alert with those in september .. cant believe that there's so many ppl that i know are sept babies :))

Leon Koh said...

I remember birthdates of older friends.. else its fb

keen on blogging!


KY said...

Medie007: Now where shall I keep this date? Maybe just FB la..hehe, joking. Let me put it in m cellphone (Now u know where u r).

Danny: Sept babies are all famous with their beauty and charm. Actually I also have a long list on Sept. Maybe parents were all too free during CNY, more production during that time. :)

Leon: Older in term of age? I know it's tough, especially when you have so many of friends!!! LOL. Love your blog too!!

[SK] said...

most of the time i'll be able to remember birthdays.. and aiyo, we same same leh, i also use the similar approach like you (minus the calendar marking of course) to remember the dates..

ok, see, i remember you birth month in my mind, and i got the exact date in my phone.. :p

Danny said...

u memang hard sell horr? beauty and charm lagi.. so confident ..;p


hmmm~ my parents and sis' birthday will be in my brain...

others? haha~ dont care la !!!

KY said...

SK: The table calendar thingy is quite useful that I mark all my events there. And I'd be SO happy seeing the weekend dates getting full. A bit abnormal hor? Ah, thanks for remembering mine. And I have your date in my heart too, so manis kan? Haha.

Danny: Aiya, sama2 lo. You are not less too. Masih hitam manis kan.

L²: At least you're a good son and bro lo. Others, no comment. Pity your partner saje lo. LOL

~eRiC~ said...

only bdays' of those who're close to me will be stored in my memory
The rest... depend on my hp calendar or fb.. XD

aaronng88 said...

only special ppl i rmb by heart la.. that also subconsciously =) kekeke. the rest ar.. someone will remind me ba.. and of course now wit fb, lol everyone knows everybody's bday =p

the happy go lucky one said...

im very forgetful and heartless, so only managed to remember very few ppl, the rest have to b reminded by friends, including the birthday boys and girls :P

Chris said...

Normally i am the 2nd priority, save in cellphone, except family members and close frens..

KY said...

eRiC: How big is your memory space then?

aaronng88: So dependent on people 1..

姚茂珊: Thank you. :)

the happy go lucky one: You are even worse, need bday boys/girls to remind you. LOL.

Chris: You have too many friends to remember la.

PorshaCoghlan梁子珠 said...