Stories and Thoughts

May 31, 2010

Eyes on Cameron

31 MAY 2010: Went up to Cameron over the Wesak’s weekend for a short trip with friends. The trip was basically nothing more than eating and vege-shopping. Left KL at 6am and drove to Ipoh for breakfast, and then from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands via the new highway. As it was a long weekend, the traffic was bad along the way and we only manage to reach Tanah Rata at around 1pm. A tiring 6-7 hours of driving it was. I’ve been told by some friends that it’s much nearer to drive up using the old highway instead. Anyone tried that before? How about the road condition and safety?

Anyhow, that’s not the main point. Vege and market shopping is definitely a must when speaking about Cameron. Saw some numbers of familiar “faces” who I’ve seen or spoken before (forgotten where and when) while walked around the market, but I couldn’t recall their names. Therefore, we just had some eye contacts without any words spoken. Is this normal or I was being LCLY?

What would you do in such situation? Would you at least smile a little or even say "Hi"?

May 12, 2010

TechEureka Career Day

12 MAY 2010: With collaboration between MSC Malaysia and The Star Online, TechEureka will organize a Career Day in PWTC, KL from 14-16 May 2010. The career fair aims to provide youths with a platform to learn more about opportunities in the ICT (information and communications technology) industry and also participate in the programs.

There’ll be more than 300 companies participate in the Career Day itself. My company will have a booth setup during these 3 days event where I’ll be there on Saturday (15 May 2010). We’re actually looking for fresh graduates to fill in various trainee positions within our organization.

This would definitely be a great platform for youths to explore more about ICT industry and discover their own potential within the industry. Come and expose yourself with a better opportunity if you’re looking for one.

In case you see me there, do drop by to say “hi” ok. See you.