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January 23, 2009

Happy for hours at Brussels

22 JAN 2009: My hand phone just doesn’t ring at the time I needed it the most. When I was so lonely hoping for it to make some noise, it just kept quiet that I have to make the first move to drag people out. Somehow when there’s a plan made for the day, there’s always a call for other outing. That was what happened today that I have a company Chinese year end dinner to attend while at the same time, Pontivan called me for a happy hour drinking session at Jaya One. Tough decision to be made though, but I managed to join both events with a proper time management.

Here’s the story, I drove all the way to Bangi right after work for the dinner. It was a Chinese style 8-courses dinner where the food was just OK with good service given (hotel’s service wouldn’t be so bad). Once finished with the last course that was dessert (as usual), I ran out from the restaurant and flew all the way to Jaya One in PJ. It took me around 30 minutes of drive, which wasn’t that bad I would say. Reached the Brussels at 10pm, 5 of them were sitting there drinking since 6pm. Damn, I could felt the hotness of the chairs they sat on. I immediately grabbed a glass of beer, while CicakFong reached 10 minutes later. As usual, we had a lot of bullshitting and crap talking for the rest of the night until 12am where some of those “Cinderella” had to head back home for sleep. Called off for the day and wished each others, as most of them will back to hometown during the weekend.

For all of you who need to drive back to hometown, please drive safe and have a pleasant journey.

January 19, 2009

Dance of the Lion

19 JAN 2009: Company's CIO came all the way from US for a day visit to our Malaysia office. Our MD sent out a reminder email last Friday asked us to be in the office earlier on the day itself, but I was late unexpectedly. Put the blame on my sister that she woke me up at 7:30am to reverse my car, which blocked her car. Since 7:30am was 30 minutes earlier than my usual "wake-up" hour, I thought that I can take another 30 minutes of short nap and the clock showed 9am the next time I looked at it. Damn.

It was lucky that nothing much happened before I reached. The CIO gave us some speeches (as usual) and that's it. Had a lion dance session at 3pm, organized by our company's social committee for early celebration of Chinese New Year. Good job to the social committee.

Was wondering how many companies/household out there still practicing the lion dance tradition during CNY? Any idea?

January 16, 2009

Camwhoring at Pavilion

16 JAN 2009: Oh yeah, I was at Pavilion again. Took a dinner, visited the art gallery and cam whored around the main entrance. Spent a nice evening with a good friend of mine.

January 14, 2009

Spring Haircut

14 JAN 2009: Since everybody is so busy with spring cleaning, spring shopping bla bla bla, which are all related to spring, I therefore went for a "spring" haircut today. Not much difference comparing to previous cut (being a conservative me), but this would be my look when meeting all my relatives and friends on coming CNY.

CNY is a festive season with lot of happiness, enjoyment, fun, gambling, eating, which are all good apart from being asked the same old million dollar questions by those aunties again:

Auntie A: Aiyo, where is your gf?
Me: Don't have ler, do you wanna intro one to me?
Auntie A: Sure not? So leng chai you are.
Me: Doh.....

Auntie B: Fast2 get married and give ang pow lor, so old de.
Me: Not old la, still wanna take your ang pow for the next 5-7 years.
Auntie B: Choi...

Trust me, still the same old them and me. No surprise...
Anyone with same experience here? Mind to share how did you handle these kind of questions for me to give them some surprises this year..hehe.

January 12, 2009

Golden Bull chases away Santa Claus

12 JAN 2009: Went to Pavilion for dinner with friends and noticed some new Chinese New Year decors all-around the mall. Pavilion has been doing a fantastic job on those decorations done previously. The most eye-catchy decor this time around is the golden bull located at the main entrance replacing the Christmas tree, which looks so strong and fierce. Santa Claus must be hiding somewhere seeing this bull.

Just another 2 weeks to CNY, and I've yet done my spring cleaning or even bought any new shirt. Perhaps will start do a little bit of cleaning on daily basis. While for the shirt, just forget about it as I still have some unworn shirts within my closet. How about you guys out there? Have you done your spring cleaning? Bought new shirts or undies?

My friend was so cheeky to keep looking at the giant golden penis. Go to Pavilion for a look or touch if you are curious about it. :)

January 8, 2009

不爱我 放了我

8 JAN 2008: Another normal working day. Work has been quiet lately waiting for feedback from other parties, which gave me some free time to go through my collection of mp3. Listening to them one by one, and suddenly a very familiar music started to play. Through my headphone, I can hear very clearly every single note played.

It was a song sung by Valen Hsu, a very talented and popular Taiwanese singer during 90’s. The music and lyric were beautifully composed and written. It used to be my best company during my down time few years back. Thousand times played.

不爱我 放了我……别在我心灰意冷时又说爱我…

Recalling those memories while giving myself a big smile, such a silly boy I used to be. But hey, how could we grown up without those bad experiences? Thanks….especially to “you”, for making me a much wiser man now.

曲名: 不爱我放了我 歌手: 许茹芸

我是这样僵着 忍着 苦着 等着
被你那样摆着 晾着 冻着 空着
泪干了 就让眼枯了 人走了 就让心死了

被你那样搁着 放着 悬着 藏着
我是这样熬着 病着 痛着 蔓延着
天黑了 别让灯亮着 你走了 就让门关着

不爱我 放了我
不爱我 放了我

你想走 你就走
要自由 就自由

January 6, 2009

Happily Ever After

3 Jan 2009: Another buddy of mine tied the knot on this day. I am deeply happy for him that he could finally found his Ms Right. What on earth could be happier than being with someone who can spend your lifetime with? Being a good buddy of him for so many years, I know very well that it wasn’t a smooth ride for him to get what he has today. Been gone through few bad relationships that caused tears and wounds, he finally found the special and right one. Wish their marriage and happiness will last forever.

The wedding reception was held at Oversea Restaurant located at Jaya One, PJ. The food was fine but the portion given wasn’t big enough for 10 pax I should say. Environment was nice with ambient lighting and acceptable distance between tables. Dinner was over at 10++pm where we proceeded to 2nd round of drink at Chulo. Felt tired and sleepy as I’ve not rested since 5am, that I went off back home for rest at 2am.

And please don’t ask when will be my turn. Marriage is such a miserable thing that I’ve yet thought about it. I’m appreciating and enjoying what I have now.

January 2, 2009

Brand new year, brand new day

31 DEC 2008: It was the last day of year 2008 and I didn't have any plan until the day before that my ex-colleague invited me for a steamboat session at her house in Kepong. Therefore, I said yes without too much of consideration and hesitation.

Woke up at 7am on the day itself to buy some vegetables and assorted balls from nearby wet market. As I wasn’t an expert on the market thingy, I just chose whatever that I like to eat especially “meat balls”. Since some of the materials were not available in wet market, I went for another round of shop at Jusco during noon. After taken a short nap, I drove all the way to Kepong where reached Kepong's Jusco at 7pm but some of the other friends didn’t show up until 9am. What a late dinner for me on New Year eve. All of us had a nice chit-chat after dinner until 12am for the countdown before dismissed. I always love this kind of light outing and dining.

1 JAN 2009: A very first morning of year 2009 that I woke up early at the morning for breakfast with family. A very simple breakfast of soup noodle (No more Ah Yat dim sum, hehe). As one of my family’s routine is to go for shopping after breakfast, we went to Alamanda for groceries shopping and walk-around. Bet my nephew loves this session the most where he could run around happily around the mall. Speaking about Alamanda, I didn’t walk out from the building normally but it was abnormal today that I was attracted by the bamboo trees planted along the walkway of one of the exit. How good if I could fly around as what shown in “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, I was thinking.

It was my daddy’s birthday on 31st Dec that most of the time we would celebrate it on 1st of Jan. Hehe, sounded odd huh. You know, New Year eve is a working day that most of us couldn’t make it on-time for dinner due to massive traffic. Therefore, 1st of Jan is always the best day for celebration.

It was his 64th birthday celebration and he has done an excellent job as a father of 5 kids for the past 36 years. Sat beside him during the dinner, I could see his face clearly that his hair is getting thinner and whiter, more wrinkles found, and his tummy is getting bigger; but his smile is still as warm as always. Since my mum passed away when I was 10, we had gone through the toughest time together. I really appreciate that he was always beside me whenever I needed him the most and I believe this would be the biggest achievement of him that I’ll never accomplish in my life.

Daddy, thanks and I LOVE you...