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April 20, 2009

Income vs. Expenses

20 APR 2009: I’ve been doing income taxing for the past years and I’m always wondering why I have to pay extra almost every year, whereas I’ve been hearing from friends that they didn’t need so.

Am I really that highly paid? I bet NOPE.

Have I spent too little? I bet NOPE as well since I don’t see any significant changes in my banking account.

This leads me nowhere but to compare my monthly expenses with income that I’ve got. The conclusion is perhaps I’ve been spending too much on entertainment, booze, shopping and travelling where all these couldn’t be calculated in taxing, though I did buy some books and sport equipments last year. :)

Well, I have to better manage my expenses this year!! This would be one of my resolutions for this year.

Despite the bad economy, Proton had released its new MPV named Exora. The busybody me and my brother went for a test drive last Sunday. The showroom was kind of packed and we waited 30 minutes for our turn to play around with the new toy. Drove for few rounds and filled up the comment form. Following is what I’ve written:

- Exterior and design: Boleh tahan lo.
- Engine: Acceptable power but the engine was a bit too noisy for me.
- Interior: Quite spacious with good head and leg’s room. However, the material is a bit plastic lo.
- Overall comment: Quite a good buy for the price tag of RM69k – RM75k if you really need a MPV.

Did you go for a test drive? And what do you think of this car?


Twilight Zone said...

I heard so much bad comments until I didn't put on my kay-poh-chee antennae to test drive! Since your ratings is like above average, I might even buy it!! Sure the head room cukup luas?

::. Anton ::. said...

Peeps out there already have a negative impression of any proton products. Bad interiors eg. shaking dashboards and flimsy windows come to mind. However, my fren said the interior was pretty impressive. But i dun think the 1.6engine power (possible upgrade to 125hp) has enough power to carry 7.


LAURENCE said...

the car's design is nt bad ~
but the engine looked tak boleh tahan lama~
1.6 only~

Lifebook said...

wait till you used for few years.. the money to replace the accessories.. :)

Silly Little Prince said...

looks yucks lo the car design.

TZ said...

Please don't get Proton... i was crying when come to their accessories ... their quality was so bad... I'm having a proton which gave me so much problem :p

Danny said...

i prefer my own car... not a fan of proton :)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Twilight Zone: Hehe, it's OK for the price la. Just don't compare it with other MPV...haha. The head room is OK for my height la, not sure whether it's OK for you.

Anton: Interior is impressive? Hmm..It's just so so for me lor. Nothing to shout of. The engine's power is OK but noisy lo.

Laurence: Are you plannning to get 1?

Lifebook: Just sell it off lor after few years. Then you won't need to spend money on those. :)

Silly Little Prince: In fact, I think the design looks similar ti Viva.

TZ: Hehe, guess that is widely known issue lo. You pay nuts, get monkey lo.

Danny: Siapa mau jadi botak if ade hair lo. :) Your car sounded GENG, when wanna fetch me go jalan2..kaka.

[SK] said...

yeah, definitely agree with you, why do i have to pay so much tax with NO RETURN from the country's welfare?? sigh~~

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

SK: Yalor. Think this year I need to pay extra amount again apart from my monthly deducted PCB. Cham...

meglittlemeg said...

why the picture just the car head... the tail ler? cun r? can fit 7 people comfortably r?

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Meg: Malu to take so many pictures la. Later ppl thought I'm so kampung. Can fit 7 ppl quite comfortably wo. Cun or not...u go anc check it out lo.