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September 28, 2009

My BIG Day

28 SEP 2009: It’s my birthday today, but I chose to work instead of staying at home. A quite day with gloomy weather that allow me to flash back some of the memory for the past 30 years. It was 20 years back since my mum left us, 9 years since I graduated from Degree and all the things that I’ve done and gone through throughout these years. I remember a conversation over a radio last few days about what age is considered old for guy/lady. And one of DJ said we’re old when we start to flash/talk back about our old time. Ouch….is it what I’m doing now? Time really flies I would say.

I’m always glad that I have a great and supportive family/relatives and friends being around me, where they had organized some birthday celebrations for me over the weekend.

1. Lunar birthday celebration with family and relatives. Lovely dinner and had a great time with all of them, always.

2. Went for short hike with friends at Cheras, and they threw me a little surprise celebration.

3. Monthly birthday celebration with close friends. 4 September babies celebrated our birthday together. Nothing is better than sharing the happiness with a group of close friends.

4. Celebration with buddies and gym mates at Karaoke. They had a great time with the singing where I was just being an audience.

Those celebrations were fantastic and this would definitely be a memorable year for me. Thanks everyone for always being there for me.

September 25, 2009

I’ve got “Oven”

25 SEP 2009: Received an early call on the delivery of oven. It was faster than expected as they told it will take 2-4 weeks. Anyhow, I’ve finally got it and what now? When will be my 1st baking experience using this oven and what shall I bake?

As I’m working from home today, the lazy me had decided to go for instant noodle as a quick lunch. Simply picked an egg and the egg turned out with twins egg yolks. Being a silly me, I felt so bad to eat it and put it back to the fridge.

September 22, 2009

The Search for Charcoal Moon Cake

22 Sep 2009: Received an early call (8:30am) from a friend for breakfast. The sleepy me drove over to Bandar Kinrara to meet with them and went to Bandar Puteri for Dim Sum breakfast. Forgotten the name of the restaurant but the dim sum was quite nice.

Went to Digital Mall to look for mp3 player since we have nothing to do for rest of the day. They have all sort of varieties with wide range of prices dependent on the brand and capacity. You can even get a 2GB mp3 player at the price of RM69 with 1 year warranty, provided you are not brand conscious la.

So we walked over to nearby Baker’s Cottage as my friend wanted to buy the charcoal moon cake. It’s a latest product and my friends said charcoal is good for our body though I have no idea how good it is. Can’t imagine eating charcoal though. Surprisingly it was sold out, and what make it worse is that the so called charcoal moon cake is no more under production. What!!! It was 11 days to go before the festive and it’s already sold out?

Anyone tried this moon cake? Mind to share your thought on it?

September 17, 2009

Potential Baker vs Home Chef

17 SEP 2009: You know, the cheapo me always have all sort of cards within my wallet. Put away those credit cards with some bad debts, I have lots other cards like Bonuslink, JuscoCard etc. The purpose is not other than collecting points to redeem for free gifts.

As my Bonuslink points have accumulated up to 13k and some points will get expired soon, I was looking at the newsletter for choices of gift redemption. I was quite interested on the oven, as I always wanted to bake cakes and cookies. Well, I did bake before (I mean years back) and it was such a disaster. The cake turned out like a “kuih” (*&#*&@()*$@, shame me!). But hey, failure is the “mother” of success and who knows I might have potential on bakery.

On the other side, my busybody dad wants to get a Food Steamer. Oh yeah, he always love this kind of kitchen gadget. But these gadgets would end up at the corner of store room after few times of usage as he would normally gave up after few failure attempts. My dad and gadget just couldn’t get along well.

The indecisive me is scratching my head now for choices between “OVEN” and “FOOD STEAMER”. What say you?

September 14, 2009

New Layout

14 SEP 2009: Had meeting with some friends last weekend, and one of them told me that my blog's layout is kind of boring. Therefore, I looked around for new layout as my workload is getting lighter this week comparing to past few weeks. I've gone through some very interesting layouts, which are creative, colourful and attractive. However, I wanted to make it clean and comfortable; preferably with white background. Following are some of those layouts that caught my attention.

And finally I chose the current layout. Not much different in term of colour comparing with my previous layout, but this layout has 3 columns where it provides me with better flexibility to manage my content.

What do you think of this layout? Feel free to provide me with comments.

September 8, 2009

4D3N Chiang Mai trip

31 Aug 2009 : DAY 01 - ARRIVAL CHIANGMAI
Took the morning AA flight to Chiang Mai (Around 3 hours). Warm welcome by the tour guide (Mr. Siao Ma) who spoke mandarin. First destination was Doi Suthep temple that located in the west of Chiangmai city on Doi Suthep, 929 feet above sea level. As we have a senior visitor with us, we took the tram car up to the temple. You can choose to climb up the 300 steps by yourself though. It was a wonderful 1st day with fascinating view of Chiang Mai town and chilling fresh air at this temple.

After the trip, we went for a Khantoke Dinner where we were served with Northern Thai food accompanied with cultural Lanna-Style Performance during the dinner. Checked in to our hotel (Centara Duang Tawan Hotel).

Woke up at 630am for early breakfast at hotel and headed to Chiang Rai via Van, which took around 4 hours drive.1st drop off point was Mae Kajan Hot Spring, which didn’t give me any surprise. Stayed for 30 minutes and went to 2nd destination, which was White Temple (Rong Khun Temple). As it was rained at the time we reached, we happily carried our umbrella and walked around the temple. It is a very beautiful temple with all white in color, which is very different from typical temple around Thailand; a must visit place if you happen to come here. Proceed with lunch nearby The Golden Triangle, which is the intersection between Mekong River and Kong River (The border of Thailand, Vietnam and Laos). Took a boat ride to a small village located in Laos, which has nothing much there apart some stalls selling local-made souvenirs. Another 4 hours drive back to Chiang Mai. And yeah, I managed to hit the hotel’s gym for an hour of workout. The night ended with shopping along the night market.

2 SEP 2009: DAY 03 - CHIANGMAI
After breakfast went to visit Orchid & Butterfly Farm before we proceed to Ban Tong Luang (Mix Hill Tribes village) to visit those Chiang Mai famous long-neck people. The village was nice and clean, where the whole village was actually supported by government. There were some nice looking ladies, but most of them were married with kids. Anyhow, I think the village was too commercialized and kind of loss its culture. The next destination was Elephant Camp in a Natural Park, which was quite an interesting place to visit where we were entertained with some performances by those well trained elephants. Took our lunch and visited some bird nest and honey manufacturers before visited the final destination of the day, which was San Kham Pang Village (Home Industries). This village has assorted size and design of those paper-made umbrellas. The umbrella was nicely painted with assorted design and colors. Had dinner and did our final shopping at night market.

After breakfast, packed our stuff and happily flew back to KL.