Stories and Thoughts

March 30, 2010


28 MAR 2010: It was a usual Sunday where I would went out for breakfast with family, followed by shopping at nearby shopping mall. I was a little tired indeed after the outing on the night before even though I went off from the club at 12am++.

Anyhow, I saw a banner put up by this skin care shop when I was walking around with sister and nephew. Something wrong I felt. I only realized the mistake made on the second look. OMG, how could they make such a silly mistake? Are those staff really blind of it was purposely done to attract attention. If it’s the latter, at least they are kind of successful to attract my attention.

Anyhow, did you realize whether other branches are using the same marketing strategy?

March 24, 2010

New Family Member

24 MAR 2010: Let me introduce the latest addition of my family member, who is a nephew of mine.

After 9 months of waiting, he was finally born yesterday. He came a week earlier than expected, that gave me a big surprised receiving a SMS from my sister at early morning.

Left office earlier and drove over to KL after work to pay him and the mum a visit. Though it took us an hour plus to get there within the bad traffic condition, but seeing his face makes it worth everything.

A mixed feeling I had actually. I was very happy for my brother and of course for having another nephew, but it was kinda painful to accept the truth that I’m getting older apparently. Give myself a pat on my own shoulder, telling that I can do nothing but to accept and live my life better.

Hope he grows to be a healthy and better man.