Stories and Thoughts

April 29, 2010

Chickie Me

29 APR 2010: It’s a monthly routine for me to go for haircut. Mostly the usual style that I’ve got a little bored with it. Therefore, here’s my conversation with the hairstylish:

E: As usual?
Me: Hm…thinking of change a little bit.
E: Trying somehow new? Something shorter?
Me: Maybe. But is it hard to manage?
E: Nah, not at all.
Me: Sounds good.

Enjoyed myself with those magazines and Blackberry for some time until I looked at the mirror.

Me: Alamak, apa ni?
E: Something new for you (Smiling).
Me: Hm…is it a little too short ?
E: Nope, just a start for you to get used to it. Next time could be shorter. Very easy to manage, you don’t even need to gel on the side.
Me: That’s true; hardly see any hair for me to gel also. :(

What do you think of my new look? My dad commented that I look like a chickie

April 26, 2010

Whore No More

26 APR 2010: Looking back my recent postings and found out that I didn’t camwhore that much comparing to last time, maybe months back. Has anyone actually noticed about this?

Is it because I’m getting older, and lost the courage to camwhore anymore?
Is it because my life is getting boring and routine?
Or is it because I’m tired of my own look?

Perhaps it’s time to pass my tiara to the next generation. Who’s next?

April 7, 2010

Your Birthday?

7 APR 2010: Bumped into a scenario lately where Birthday Reminder in FB shows birthday of my friend as today, but my own calendar stated it would be the day after. Well, lots of other friends sent birthday wishes to him through FB. Anyhow, I’ve verified with his special friend and obviously this friend purposely put a fake birth date in FB.

Somehow I believe people nowadays are becoming more dependent on such technologies to keep themselves updated with stuff around them, especially when it comes to dates. But it’s always sweet to receive wishes from someone on your birthday, isn’t it? I know this could be tricky and I hate dates as well. These are few ways that I use to keep track of them:

- 1st priority: Brain (VIP).
- 2nd priority: Stores in cellphone’s calendar with reminder.
- 3rd priority: Marks in office’s table calendar.
- The rest: FB’s birthday reminder.

How do you remember those special dates? Or you don’t actually care about it?