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July 1, 2010

HK / MY / PG / CH / KL

1 JULY 2010: 1st day of July, which means we’ve entered 2nd half of year 2010. Some people might tend to look back on what they’ve done over the past 6 months; somehow I would rather look forward for things that I’ll do for the next 6 months. Which category are you in?

I’m actually blogging from my sister’s room. Reason being is that my relatives from HK are here in KL, and I have to spare my guest room for them. It’s going to be a fully-packed week with following itinerary:

1 Jul: Sunway Lagoon/Pyramid.
2-3 Jul: Penang.
3-4 Jul: Cameron Highland.
5 Jul: KL/Petaling Street/KLCC etc.

Penang punye kawan2 sekalian, here I come!! Cameron punye bunga2 sekalian, here I come again!! Might need to call Grandma or TZ for food directory around the island. Definitely won’t drive around Komtar again.


Gratitude said...

Wah your map is like those in buku geografi darjah lima!

Have a fun trip! We'll be thinking of you when tucking into our oysters and prawns, will probably have a prawn swordfight too in your honour! ;)

mang0 said...

I'm looking forward too! Today is a big day for me :D

[SK] said...

wah, so happy being the ambassador of MY to HK.. hope you have fun with your relatives~~ :p

Danny said...

since i wont be able to go Penang & Cameron.. i'll bring big banner n wait for u at KLCC la.. let ur HK relatives see how popular u r in Malaysia... ok? ;p

1st half not bad... definitely waiting for the better 2nd half :)

TZ said...

So are you going to hire me as the tour guide in Penang? Anyway, let me know what would you wanna to do in Penang. So i could get you some info :p

amos said...

this is for you... many handbooks and guides in PDF for download.. hope it helps a bit.. >_n

KY said...

Anton: Pls count me in for the next round of prawns and oysters battle.

mangO: BIG day? I thought you've got married de? So fast another 1?

SK: Finally the mission was over. So tired and busy over the weekend with those trips. But glad that they were happy and enjoyed themselves.

KY said...

Danny: Thanks for your offer, but I can't accept it as I'm always being low profile. Not as HIGH as you lo.

TZ: My uncle and brother were along this time, so we were able to find some places for good at least. No more driving around Komtar for Char Kuey Tiew.

amos: Thanks a lot dude. Do you always travel around?

amos said...

Ya KenYee I always travel around, especially around Petaling.. ^_^''

Twilight said...

You didn't call me! I assume the Hongkies loved the Komtar's food. LOL

Chris said...

Wa!! U very busy recently wo... Been to those places.. U went to Sabah as well?

KY said...

amos: Around Petaling is good. I'm always around there too. Perhaps we would bump into each other someday.

Grandma: My uncle was around this time to guide us. So I dare not to bother the busy you lo.

Chris: Yes yes, went to Sabah over the weekend. Local trip only la.