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July 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my blog!!!

While mostly people would celebrate their blog anniversary, me on the other hand is celebrating my 1 year of inactivity since my previous blog entry. Why didn’t I blog for the past 1 year perhaps you would ask. Lots of unexpected things happened that have taken most of my time. A friend told me that I’ve reached a T junction of my own!! Middle age crisis? Not that soon of course, though I ain’t that young also.

Basically I’ve changed my career, from IT to a totally new field. I’ve gone through a very tough first 6 months learning all the necessity and the other 6 months helping people to set/monitor their KPI as well as resolving their issues. Still remember an old grandma said that I jumped from a hot pot to a fire place. I have to agree with him somehow but no doubt that I’ve learnt a lot while I’m fighting for my own survival in the fire place. And most importantly I’m still surviving now!!

Besides, I’ve finally got myself a new hobby and toy aka photography. Bought a dslr (Nikon D3100) 6 months back and I’ve finally learnt what is aperture, shutter speed, ISO etc. An interesting and fun hobby it is that requires a lot of patience. Will definitely share some of my photos taken in near future.

Meanwhile, I’m glad to see all of you again here. And don’t worry, my next blog entry won’t be a year later.


[SK] said...

pheeeweeet!!! let me be the first one to welcome you back!! :D

truly lots of things had happened for the past 1 year.. and me too, also am having a very big change.. all the best!! :)


well, happy one year inactive anniversary~ lol

same as u, i change a lot in this year... like wat my blog title is... L2 Evolution :)

all the best to u bro, hope to see ur new post soon~

TZ said...

Welcome back to the community... looking forward for more picture post eh~

Danny said...

before anything , let me kompang a bit to welcome u back ..
( pak pom pak pom pak pom ... ;p )

make sure dun MIA for another year huh? we need more gorgeous ppl like u to make our life more .. err.. vogiuful ;p

Twilight Man said...

I wanted to comment 10 times as promised but I worry you will hilang again like a slut or Nemo fish! So happy anniversary to you. I didnt know we got married in same month!

Gratitude said...

Somehow the word anniversary doesn't seem right. Neways, I'm glad you're back to gossip/bitch/storytell/camwhore. I'm sure that if not all of us are stressed at work, so I hope you'll take blogging as a stress relief instead of a hassle ;)

Medie007 said...

wooooots! welcome back! quick show off ur photos. :P

劉。心。語 said...

first time reading your blog :)
hope to see your photos soon.
i'm using ND3100 as well!