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February 27, 2009

Talented Cheeky Gardener

26 FEB 2009: Walked out from office after work and saw the new shape of those trees around the building. It definitely looks weird to me that I couldn’t imagine how the gardener came out with this idea. Looks like a….ahem…use your own imagination folks. BRAVO to the gardener!!

Ran out for a dinner with a friend at Mines Shopping Mall. It has been years since the last time I visited this mall. This mall gave me lot of memories as I used to work as promoter here after form 5 for almost 3-4 months while waiting for my SPM result. The mall was newly built back then where not many shops opened with very limited choices of food. Though the pay given wasn’t much (If not mistaken, it was rm3 per hour), but I had a great time being with a bunch of great workmates. I could still remember all those laughter and tough time that we’ve experienced together. And I was still riding my little old bike that time. Sweet memory it was.

Anyhow, it seems to improve a lot over the years where I could see more choices of food around. Sorry that I didn’t pay attention on clothes as I was so damn hungry. For those that never been to this mall, perhaps you can consider to pay a visit someday.

February 16, 2009

KL Towerthon 2009...Confirmed

16 FEB 2009: Finally received an email from my friend (TCM) that confirmed my registration and participation in the KL Towerthon 2009, which will be held on the 1st of March 2009 at KL Tower. This will be my 1st time joining the Towerthon event. Therefore, I’m not really sure about the procedures, just knew that I have to run about one kilometer uphill before climbing 2,058 steps to reach Tower Head 3 at 288 meter above ground level. Sounds fun but tough isn’t it? With all those mixed feeling of excitement cum anxiety cum challenging, I’ve started my training aka jogging today at the nearby park after work. Hopefully 2 weeks are enough for me to catch up the stamina required.

Anyone who will join this Towerthon? Let me know and maybe we can meet up for a chit chat after reaching the top.

Went for a family outing last Sunday to Putrajaya where our 1st stop was at Alamanda followed by Satay lunch at “Taman Warisan Pertanian”. Took some photos that I would love to share with you guys here. Looking at those photos of my nephew and niece taken, I've realized that they have really grown up a lot, especially my niece. She is now exactly a mini version of her mum aka my elder sister. Bet she will grow up as another sweet and beautiful princess.

February 11, 2009


11 FEB 2009: It was week ago since the last time I wrote something here. Though there were some family issues going on for the past week, it wasn’t a bad week after all that I managed to meet with a group of friendly and playful bloggers. It was fantastic meeting every one of you (Danny, SK, Chris, Tagnan, Yee and Shinji). And don’t get me wrong, this gathering has nothing to do with the title of this blog.

Back to the topic itself, a close friend of mine (Steve) came down from Penang over the weekend for training in KL. As Steve used to be a clubbing king once upon a time when he was working in KL, so “clubbing” was the only request of him being on this visit. Therefore, we went for clubbing 2 nights consecutively over the weekend as Monday was a replacement holiday for Thaipusam. I still remember when I was much younger, I could dance whole night long inside the club until 3am and I still could wake up the next morning at 9am for breakfast. Being an older me now, I started to feel sleepy at 12am though the music was loud and the crowd was huge. Without I realized it, I guess I’ve yawned simply more than 10 times just within 15 minutes. Furthermore, I felt extremely tired the next morning though it was 9am, and I spent almost the whole morning brainless.

Is this what happens when we turned 30s? Would it be such a huge difference being in 20s and 30s?

February 4, 2009

I'm "HOT"

4 FEB 2009: Lot of things happened during the past week that had taken away my time and attention on blogging. During the 1st few days of Chinese New Year, things went kind of smooth that this isn’t a bad year after all for me; I was thinking. A lot of visiting done and hell yeah, I went to Sunway Lagoon with family and we had a great fun day there. The consequence was that I’ve got a much tanner skin. It’s gonna take me a real long period to get fairer.

Started work on the 5th day where it was an auspicious day according to my friend. I was the 1st to reach office before 9am and couldn’t see much Chinese around for the rest of the day. Damn, that friend must have played fool on me. It’s fine anyway as I went out for lunch with few colleague at Alamanda. And we were so proud and happy that Nando had acknowledged us as their “HOT STAFF”. Look at the photo taken if you don’t buy this. :)

As we all known, life is full of ups and down. Same thing goes to relationship that it could be very fragile. My sister broke up with her long time bf (Mr. H) after 7 years of togetherness. It was a real bad news for the whole family as Mr. H has been part of our family for the past 7 years. He is quite a shy and kind-hearted guy, with bad temper however. And I wouldn’t deny that he has been such a great company for us and I do recognize all his contributions to us. However, they should know the real problems between them better than anyone of us does. As an elder brother, I felt bad that I couldn’t do much than gave her some lame advices (as I’m bad in relationship thingy as well). Frankly, I dislike seeing tears and hatred when it comes to break-up but it seems that they didn’t handle this well enough. There’re still some hu ha thingy going on until nowadays, that I hope these 2 young fella can really move on their own life and live better each day. Best wishes to both of them.

And for Mr. H, we’ll always be friends of yours and our door is always open for you.