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October 15, 2009

Happy Deepavali

15 OOCT 2009: Being in holiday mood as company declared replacement holiday on tomorrow (16 Oct) due to Deepavali celebration.

Deepavali is a festival of lights for our Indian community. Still remember whenever 2 major racial celebrations clash with each other, we would give it a special name like “Deepa-raya” and “Gong Xi-Raya”. Wondering what happen if Deepavali clashes with Chinese New Year someday? Will we name it as “Deepa-Fa Cai”? Or “Gong Xi-Vali”?

Wishing all my friends here a Happy Deepavali and enjoy the holiday.



what if crash with xmas?

1. christ-vali
2. Deepa-mas


[SK] said...

deepavali won't crash with CNY, because both will not deviate from a certain range of period.. unlike the Hari Raya which can happen in every month in the calendar..

happy deepavali to you too~~

TZ said...

I don't care which cross with which... as long there is lotz of nice food and holiday ... Let's enjoy the festive season eh~

Danny said...

deepavali vaatukal ..( if i'm not mistaken la..)

sudah beli sari baru? hehehe lo

the happy go lucky one said...

happy deepavali to u too, may the celebration of light brighten up everyone :)

LAURENCE said...

happy deepavali~

thomas said...

happy deepavali....

動 Orson said...

hoo....happy deepavali

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KY said...

L²: Haha, so creative of you. I like the "Chris-Vali".

SK: Never had such experience where Deepavali clashes with CNY though. So I can only use my imagination.

TZ: This is so true. I don't really care as well, as long as I've got holiday. However, I do miss those open house. Been so long didn't have such experience.

Danny: Sari can be very tricky. Don't wanna expose the "MEAT" in the middle part le. But if you wanna try, I can accompany you ger.

KY said...

the happy go lucky one: Thanks, hopw you had a wonderful holiday too.

thomas: Hey, same goes to you. How was your holiday going?

LAURENCE: Happy holiday to you too. When will you drive to KL?

動 Orson: Thanks. Same goes to you.