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December 16, 2009

My Humble Xmas Décor

16 DEC 2009: Been to some shopping malls around the town and enjoyed their effort to setup those Xmas décor within the mall itself. Though some people might have different opinion comparing those décor in different malls, but at least they are willing to invest such money and effort despite of the bad economic condition; just to provide us with a better festival environment and feel. So I think they’ve done a good job.

Therefore, I myself decided to put in some effort to decorate my own cube in the office so that everyone around me would feel the festive season. After so many sleepless night and endless thought, this is what I’ve done.

What do you think my own décor? Isn’t it simple but elegant, just like the person himself?


[SK] said...

aiyoh, come help me to decorate my desk also.. i've got loads of toys that you can use.. :p

mang0 said...

My desk already like christmas, everyday so cold~~~

Medie007 said...

wah, after thinking for days and nights only 2 biji patung dan gula-gula? -.-"

TZ said...

dude, why no KOMTAR decoration... ? Nanti PenangKia not happy...

I expected to see you posing in front of your Xmas tree and you got a ceremony to lights up your tree like what Obama did in White House.

So, when r u going to light up the tree... don't forget to invite us eh~

fufu said...

yeah i have seen couples of those decoration in several shopping malls in kl... personally like pavilion and the curve =p

the happy go lucky one said...

very nice :) i like it :)

Danny said...

i like the wreath lollipop.. nice n sweet..
m sure u dun want to look like them , kna? ( rounded )..LOL ;p
happy xmas :)

Gratitude said...

something wuz missin in the pic.....OH! it's camwhore KY!
Make sure you eat the lollipop only after Christmas hor. ^_^


i think pavilion has good design :)
ur cubicle also ok lo... simple but not elegant :P

KY said...

SK: Help you to decorate? That would be another few sleepless nights for me then. :(

mangO: Feel free to drop by at my place for SUMMER!!!

Medie007: Haha, I have no potential in decoration obviously. No wonder I couldn't be a designer.

TZ: Komtar decors? How would that be? Kinda lazy to camwhore la lately, not in a good shape. Wait till I ade mood then only camwhore kao kao.

KY said...

fufu: Pavilion is quite nice. But I'm fond of the red/white theme in 1U..

the happy go lucky one: Thanks. :)

Danny: Lollipop...I LIKE TOO!!!! Rounded for so long de, time to shape up a little. Wanna be as ramping as you mar.

Gratitude: Not much of camwhoring lately if you notice. Lost of mood to do that. :(

L²: Hehe, thanks. Need to get Gaga's advice to make it more elegant.

Danny said...

ramping? tapi muka tak se-gorgeous lu wor.. how lah?
btw, GAGA dah lama takde la.. now just back to big mouth ;p

LAURENCE said...

where is the x'mas tree?

Tony Leong said...

tony here.
dropping by and wish ya merry christmas!

Peace Lover said...

I saw Komtar tonight and made a wish outside. May KEENYEE have a blessed new year 2010 and not go in circles around Komtar again.

Get drunk and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

KY said...

Danny: Aduh, jangan cakap gorgeous. Sudah tua nyanyuk ni.

LAURENCE: Couldn't afford to buy the tree. :(

Tony Leong: Thanks for dropping by and hope you had a wonderful Xmas too.

Granda Twilight: I thought who is this "Peace Lover" initially, and it's you. Made a wish at Komtar? Does it works? Thanks and hope you had a great Xmas around Komtar too.