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July 26, 2010

Dragon flies from Hanoi

26 JUL 2010: Last year when my colleague went for a trip to Hanoi, she bought me a little souvenir. And another friend went to the same place last month, and I’ve got the same souvenir again; different in color and size. Makes me wonder what’s so special about this thing; any meaning behind? Anyhow, I like the bling2 effect though.

This is probably not something new that Putrajaya had organized a flora festival few weeks back; and I went over with a friend to look around and take some photos. I was disappointed that I didn’t see my favorite species of “bird of paradise”.

July 15, 2010

Fly to the Land Below the Wind

9 – 11 JULY 2010: Just 3 days after my HK relatives went back that I’ve yet recovered from my tiredness; I’ve to pack for my 3D2N trip to our land below the wind. I’ve been to Kota Kinabalu twice over the last 10 years for hiking and island hoping; and this time around was Sandakan.

It was a planned trip that we booked the flight early of the year. A friend of mine was origin from there; who suggested us to follow him back to his lovely hometown for a short weekend trip. An early morning flight it was (720am) where we reached Sandakan 3 hours after that. A lovely and peaceful town it is; with no traffic at all, friendly local people (and they speak hakka too), very fresh seafood and beautiful landscapes it has.

To summarize what I’ve done within these 3 days.



Local attractions:

Don’t know why, I really love Sabah a lot. I could feel myself at home being there, probably because the local Chinese speaks hakka. Do you have any local state or city/town of your interest?

July 1, 2010

HK / MY / PG / CH / KL

1 JULY 2010: 1st day of July, which means we’ve entered 2nd half of year 2010. Some people might tend to look back on what they’ve done over the past 6 months; somehow I would rather look forward for things that I’ll do for the next 6 months. Which category are you in?

I’m actually blogging from my sister’s room. Reason being is that my relatives from HK are here in KL, and I have to spare my guest room for them. It’s going to be a fully-packed week with following itinerary:

1 Jul: Sunway Lagoon/Pyramid.
2-3 Jul: Penang.
3-4 Jul: Cameron Highland.
5 Jul: KL/Petaling Street/KLCC etc.

Penang punye kawan2 sekalian, here I come!! Cameron punye bunga2 sekalian, here I come again!! Might need to call Grandma or TZ for food directory around the island. Definitely won’t drive around Komtar again.