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July 15, 2010

Fly to the Land Below the Wind

9 – 11 JULY 2010: Just 3 days after my HK relatives went back that I’ve yet recovered from my tiredness; I’ve to pack for my 3D2N trip to our land below the wind. I’ve been to Kota Kinabalu twice over the last 10 years for hiking and island hoping; and this time around was Sandakan.

It was a planned trip that we booked the flight early of the year. A friend of mine was origin from there; who suggested us to follow him back to his lovely hometown for a short weekend trip. An early morning flight it was (720am) where we reached Sandakan 3 hours after that. A lovely and peaceful town it is; with no traffic at all, friendly local people (and they speak hakka too), very fresh seafood and beautiful landscapes it has.

To summarize what I’ve done within these 3 days.



Local attractions:

Don’t know why, I really love Sabah a lot. I could feel myself at home being there, probably because the local Chinese speaks hakka. Do you have any local state or city/town of your interest?


Danny said...

eh? how come nothing about the cameraman? lol ;p

[SK] said...

i have not been to Sabah leh, and you've been there so many times!! looks like a nice place to hangout woh.. but then again, same question as Danny, how come no camwhoring photos geh?? :p

Twilight said...

Yeah I love all the places on that Borneo Island too. I even ventured into remotest roads in Sarawak besides KK. I think the feng shui has good 'chi'... Hmmm...where's next? You should be air steward lah.

Medie007 said...

u're hakka meh?

TZ said...

I luv meow meow city... :p

LAURENCE said...

i love there too!!

KY said...

Danny: The cameraman was myself lo, camwhoring ma. :)

SK: Sabah is a nice place if you likes a relaxing trip. But with the same price, you may go other country like Thailand etc. Aiyo, nothing to talk about the cameraman wo.

Grandma: Never been to Sarawak. Hope to pay a visit someday. Are you planning for next trip there?

KY said...

Medie007: I'm cantonese, but grew up in a hakka village. So I can speak hakka quite fluently. Mau challenge me?

TZ: Ahem, someone special there? Or purely for photography?