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June 27, 2009

SC Marathon Goodies Collection

26 JUN 2009: Went to Dataran Merdeka with friends at 12pm to collect our goodies bag for Standard Chartered Marathon. It was a gloomy noon and the queue was pretty long when we reached there. So we patiently took the queue for 10km run that was around 50m away from the collection counter. However, We moved less than a meter forward after 15 minutes and it started to rain. Luckily we had our umbrella ready. As the rain was quite heavy, my jeans and shoe were wet badly. After another 20 minutes of wait under the rain, we’ve got to know that the electricity was out due to rain. Perhaps it was an unpredictable scenario where it took them another 30 minutes to repair it.

Another 30 minutes of wait after they fixed the electricity, as the staff were too efficient to pack the goodies bag. Here’s the process that I observed:
1. Get your IC to be entered manually into system to get your bib no and t-shirt size (The typing speed of the lady was….SLOW).
2. Grab the bag and put in all those goodies one-by-one into the bag (Why didn't they do this earlier?).
3. Sometimes will ask for contact no (Another manual entry with slow typing speed).

4. Pass the goodies bag.

It stated that a person can only collect maximum of 6 goodies on behalf of friends. But the guy in front of me collected at least 8 goodies bag without the lady said anything. Such a friendly management they were.

It took me freaking 2 hours there just to collect the goodies bag. In addition of time taken to travel back and forth, 3 hours gone. It was a bad experience comparing with all previous marathon joined. As this is the 1st time ever for Stand Chart, hope they can really improve it for years to come.


Then-Kiong's said...

It took me more than two hours for my turn.
not to mention its drizzling at the same time...

::. Anton ::. said...

And i wuz feeling cozy and happily sipping on an ice-blended at lunch hour! :P


Twilight Zone said...

Oh those chibai officers!!! I had to plug on my lap top online to show them Michi's registration email. Stupid ppl. See ya tomo morning, camwhore aunty! LOL

Danny said...

all the best for ur run tmr..
rmb to take more pics.. not u.. pics of the ITEM that you told me this afternoon...LOL

[SK] said...

haha, sneak out of work to go collect your goodies bag?? good luck for your run tomorrow, hope today's two hours dance will not ache your whole body.. BTW, you can dance so well woh, thanks to all those clubbing experience right?? hahahahaha!!

Medie007 said...

let us know abt the run! ;)

too bad i didn't registered.

TZ said...

hehehe.... I was sleeping while you were running ... by the way, let my mirror tell you where i have been yesterday :p

BTW, dude... please to meet you in Pavilion last weekend... :)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Then-Kiong's: were there as well? It was BAD!!!! BTW, thanks for dropping by. :)

Anton: Wow, since when you became so luxury? Ice blended somemore. I can only afford chinese tea...

Granny Twilight: Yeah, those CCB officers. Anyhow, didn't see you around this morning ler. Was lepaking nearby the fountain.

Danny: Sorry la abang, I didn't bring camera this time around as I wanted to break my personal best time lo. Anyhow, a lot ITEM around lor...very nice to see.

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

SK: Don't say so loud that I sneak out during lunch hour la.. In fact I think the dance classes were good to train my stamina lor. But I was clumsy, think you danced better than me though. Ahem...I seldom clubbing 1 la, good boy ma.

Medie007: The run was OK la. The running route was kinda flat with 3 water stations for 10km run..not too bad la. Just that they didn't put a proper signs for how many km left. But overall was OK la.

TZ: You mirror to tell me where have you been? Who and where is your mirror? Yeah, great to see you there too though you were quiet..keke.