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July 30, 2009

Sg Gabai day trip & Adidas KOTR Goodies Collection

26 JULY 2009: My 2nd trip to Sg Gabai for these 2 months (Went there last month with a group of friends) but this time around was with family and relatives. Slept at 3am the night before due to clubbing, but woke up at 8am to prepare myself as a driver.

It took around an hour of drive from Serdang to Sg Gabai. A lot of fruit stalls along the way selling mostly durian, mangosteen and cempedak. Reached the destination and they charged us RM1 per person for the carpark/entry. Just paid it since we’ve already there, and then we have to walk up hundreds of staircases to the best picnic spot (carrying food and drinks). The waterfall was nice but I think they need to put more effort to maintain the facilities i.e. toilet. Had our picnic and spent few hours there before we drove back to Serdang. We dropped by at the Hot Spring on the way back, where the place was packed with aunties and uncles. Some of them even brushed their teeth there…so funny.

29 JULY 2009: Adidas KOTR run will be held on 2nd of August at Shah Alam. My friends and I drove over to Stadium Shah Alam to collect the goodies bag. The line was quite long when we reached, but we still patiently queue for it. Anyhow, we were still standing at the same spot after 10 minutes and we started to loss our patience. Even the pakcik who stood in front of us also complained about it. Anyhow, nothing much inside the goodies bag apart from a running shirt, bib and RM50 Adidas voucher. But I do really like the shirt given this year, which it's very well designed and sharp in colour (Orange + blue stripes).

Note: I took the M size and it’s so damn tight. Think I have to diet for whole week to fit into the shirt on this Sunday.

July 22, 2009

Siemens KL Run 2009

19 JULY 2009: Just 2 weeks apart after the Standard Chartered KL Run, I’ve joined the Siemens Run that held in KL. As usual, waking up at 5am early morning would be the toughest thing for me. This time around I took some banana and energy bar bought from Cold Storage the night before.

Reached Dataran Merdeka at 630am and did some warm up exercise. The crowd wasn’t that much comparing to previous run. And guess what, I met with another 2 bloggers there. What a surprise to see them, but sorry that I could hardly recognize both of you especially at early morning when my brain was still sleeping. Anyhow, the event started punctually at 730am where I reached the finishing line at around 830am. The router itself has a lot of hills with quite some numbers of water stations.

The sad thing is I couldn’t get a medal for this run. Anyhow, they gave away a goodies bag containing a big bottle of whitening lotion, energy bar etc. Quite a good deal and it was definitely a good experience for me.

Next run: Adidas King of the Road. Anyone?

July 15, 2009

"Top" on "Lap" inside the "Car"

15 JULY 2009: I’m a person who’s very lazy to carry a laptop around. However, I have to do that due to the nature of my work. I have no problem at all to use the laptop around the office. In fact, I do like it in such a way that I could move around to sit at any meeting room to have my own little private time. Sounds cheeky, does it?

The biggest issue with the laptop is when I need to go for gym after work. Since I don’t feel good to carry it around or to lock it inside the gym’s locker room, I’ve asked some of my colleague for a better suggestion on how to store the laptop safely inside my car.

Coll 1: Carry it around with you for safety. (Lovely….do I need to ask more?)
Coll 2: Just put it inside the car boot. (CRAP!!)
Coll 3: Take out the laptop and put it under the seat, and put the bag inside the boot. (Hmm..does it works?)

So boys and girls..ladies and gentlemen, any better suggestion for me?

July 9, 2009

My Energy Booster

9 JULY 2009: I tend to get sleepy after lunch, especially at 3-4pm (Well, not today as I’m writing this). Apart from writing some stuff here to keep myself awake, I have another secret that perhaps I could share with you guys out there. All I need is a cup of drink that could boost my energy. Take a look on collection of drinks that I keep inside my drawer:

Well, use your own creativity to mix those. You can either mix “green + rose tea”, “whisky + coffee”, “green tea + coffee”, just whatever that you can come out with.

However, my favourite would be “green tea + whisky”…feel myself like a flying pig after taken it.

So, what’s the trick to keep youself awake?

July 7, 2009

Dinner at Ozeki Japanese Restaurant

4 JULY 2009: Was invited by a close gal friend for dinner at Ozeki Japanese Restaurant in Menara TA. I’ve never heard about this restaurant before, where I drove there with another friend of mine. Found the building itself and simply park my car at the roadside. And there was an Indian buddy requested for RM25 as he claimed it was jockey parking. Fine, I drove my car again to a proper carpark that cost me rm15. Damn, since when the parking in KL become so expensive? The last time I came around the area for clubbing, it fee was rm10.

Reached the restaurant at 9pm and some friends were already there, having the peach salad. Quickly grab some salad as I was very hungry. Then, we ordered some foods recommended and a bottle of red wine. The food served was great in taste comparing to other Japanese restaurants. I love the peach salad and chicken wings very much. Another bottle of red wine after finished the 1st bottle, and we called the night off at 11pm. The damage on wallet for the night, RM600 for 4 pax. I’m so gonna eat bread/biscuit for the rest of month.

Anyone of you been to this restaurant before? How was the damage on your wallet then?

July 1, 2009


1 JUL 2009: Oh mine, there gone 1st half of the year, and another 6 months to go for year 2009. Looking back on the resolution made last year, how many of those had been achieved? Hm…so stress la…

Anyhow, I’ve been eating home-made sausage bun as breakfast for the past 3 days (Yeah, I made it by myself). As you all might know on how much I love sausages, it could be boring if we had it for few consecutive days.

After too many sausages eaten for these few days, I don’t think I’ll have appetite to eat whatever sausages for the next whole week. What for breakfast tomorrow then?