Stories and Thoughts

December 28, 2009

Christmas Weekend

24 DEC 2009: It was a Christmas Eve and an off day for me; therefore I brought my nephew for a walk and picnic at a park in Cyberjaya. It’s a very nice park that I used to jog here pretty often before I joined gym. Packed some snacks and drinks along as I knew my nephew would be tired running around as there’s a huge playground within the park.

Sitting at a corner while watched him running around the playground, realized that he has grown up a lot. A much taller and heavier him now that I could hardly carry him around anymore; means an older me nowadays too. We spent about 2 hours within the park, and of course cam whored a little. Think my nephew has the potential on cam whoring, what do you think?

25 DEC 2009: Friends invited me to stay-over in Genting on the night of Christmas Eve, where we had a little party with gift-exchanged. I bought a gift and wrapped it nicely. Think the wrapping is comparative with Danny’s wrapping lo, hehe. And during the trip only I realized that Genting has strawberry farm too.

Among all those gifts below, which do you think is mine?

December 16, 2009

My Humble Xmas Décor

16 DEC 2009: Been to some shopping malls around the town and enjoyed their effort to setup those Xmas décor within the mall itself. Though some people might have different opinion comparing those décor in different malls, but at least they are willing to invest such money and effort despite of the bad economic condition; just to provide us with a better festival environment and feel. So I think they’ve done a good job.

Therefore, I myself decided to put in some effort to decorate my own cube in the office so that everyone around me would feel the festive season. After so many sleepless night and endless thought, this is what I’ve done.

What do you think my own décor? Isn’t it simple but elegant, just like the person himself?

December 4, 2009

Heaven or Hell?

4 DEC 2009: Had a lovely conversation with an old man last week, and it somehow led to a question whether I would like to go to heaven. Being a stubborn me, I chose to stay on earth instead. And of course lo kena scolded like a dog on why should I stay on earth if given a chance to go to heaven.

Come to think of the reasons I chose to stay on earth:

1. I still don’t feel like leaving my family and friends, though I know someday/somehow we will be separated. At least not NOW lo, unless I have no choice.

2. People always say how good is heaven, but why shouldn’t I appreciate what I have now rather than going for uncertainty? In fact, I’m doubt whether I’m qualified to be placed there.

3. Last and most importantly, I might be bored in heaven. Imagining what can I do there? Catch butterfly every day?

Heaven or Hell, what is your pick?

December 1, 2009

Self Lock Up

1 DEC 2009: I did the same silly mistake again this morning, locked up myself within the main door and grille. Here is the story; I woke up and get myself ready as usual and walked out the main door with my usual stuffs i.e. bag, wallet and cell phone. Follows the normal routine, I walked out the main door, locked it from inside and closed the door; the next step would be opening the grille’s lock. And only I found that I left my keys inside the house!!!

The helpless me ended up stuck between the door and grille. What can I do in such condition? Obviously I couldn’t break my own door and grille. So I called my father back to release me out. Luckily he was just nearby and it only took him 15 minutes to come back and save me out

Do you have such a stupid experience before? What would you do in such condition?