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March 8, 2009

2D1N Taiping Trip : Lake Garden + Night Safari

7 - 8 MAR 2009: Followed some close friends for 2D1N trip to Taiping. I’ve never been to this town before though I heard a lot about it from a buddy of mine, who is a Taiping local boy. Reached the Taiping town itself at 2pm++ and checked in to the hotel. The hotel is located within walking distance from the Taiping Lake Garden with quite a clean room and free Wi-Fi provided. Not too bad for the price tag of RM79 per night lor.

Took a short nap as we were tired after the long journey, and it was raining by the time we woke up at 5pm. We were lucky as the rain stopped after our simple dinner at the nearby market. Therefore, we drove around the Taiping Lake Garden to enjoy the magnificent view of this famous lake while trying to locate the Taiping Zoo that we would go for Night Safari afterwards.

The Night Safari started at 8pm where the ticket price is RM16 (adult) for a 40 minutes ride around the Zoo. The crowd wasn’t bad due to rain. It wasn’t impressive I would say, and I was pretty disappointed not to see my favorite Hippopotamus. Anyhow, I think the landscape here is much better than our Zoo Negara in KL. Went back to hotel for early rest as we’ve planned for a morning walk at 7am the next morning.

We gathered at 7am the next morning for our morning walk around the Lake Garden. It was surprised that all of my friends could make it on-time as they were normally late. Walked towards the Lake Garden, and there were already quite a lot joggers running/walking around the lake. The scenery around the lake was magnificent, with some tones of romance if you came with your loved one. Took some photos to capture the lovely moment and wouldn’t forget some camwhoring as well. Went for breakfast after that, checked out from hotel and drove down to Ipoh for lunch before heading back to KL.

It was a short trip, but the beauty of Taiping has deeply captured my heart where I will definitely come for a 2nd visit someday.


Danny said...

i think the 7am morning walk is still a mission impossible for me...hehehe...
fav anima = hippo huh? interesting...y ah?

Twilight Zone said...

Wahhh finally you posted something dude! I was cursing Anton that both of you have expired blogs coz I saw fungus! Anyways, glad you visited Taiping which has so many mentions in our history books. That was my dad's birthplace too though he was supposed to be Penang bred. I think my grandpa & grandma made him by the romantic lake gardens! Your photos look like postcard and very lovely!!!!

[SK] said...

there are only two facts i know about Taiping:
1) the lake
2) the wettest place (i mean rain) in malaysia..

and you didn't meet gloria?? hmmm, how sad.. what about alex, melman and marty??

Fable Frog said...

your favourite is hippo?? wakakaaka really? but i don't think hippo is nocturnal animal wor.

Serm said...

when i was there...the horny elephants were...erm...having sex :p

didnt go up maxwell hill??

JD Cole said...

taiping is such a lovely place...hope to visit it soon!


K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Danny: Yeah, I likes Hippo. Hmm..maybe because of it's cute/innocent look that could be dangerous at the same time. And also its capability to live in water/land.

Twilight Zone: Yalo, I've been busy lately with personal stuff. Luckily it's all over now, clear sky. Seriously I've heard a lot about this town, and I'm glad to have chance for visiting finally. As I said, a very peaceful and romantic place. I was surprised those photos look good even though I took using camera phone. Have you been there?

SK: It was raining the 1st day I reached, which was bad. Now I understood how wet it is, hehe. I saw Melman and Marty stood there like an idiot. Alex and Gloria were hidden somewhere.

Froggie: Hippo is cute la. Not sure whether Hippo is nocturnal though, but maybe she was inside the water when I passed by.

Serm: Lucky you could see elephant had sex wo. I've never seen that before. Maxwell Hill? Hehe, my friends said it's haunted wo..scary.

JD Cole: Yeap, you should. Let me know if you are plan for visit. Maybe I can share some infor with you. :)

*Anton* said...

Now, which safari did you go to? I heard the lake oso has a night safari :P


meglittlemeg said...

hehe, glad ur friends can wake up on time and have the romantic walk with you by the lake! aw... so sweet.

the hippo.. which one dy? hehe..

glad you enjoyed the trip!!
Taiping lake really rock!

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Anton: I heard about it only after I came back. Or else, I would definitely become one of those animal, hehe.

Meg: Yalor, my friends are VERY punctual 1 lor. Never slept late!!
Hippo is the 1 stay inside water. Yes yes, Taiping lake is ROCK..

fufu said...

night safari... definitely will go when i have the chance fly to Africa =)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

fufu: You must go if there's a chance to South Africa. My friend went and she said it was very nice. Let me know after you tried ya.

Twilight Zone said...

I went to Taiping or passed Taiping over 100 times. The lake never changed and still boring. Perfect for cheap retirement.

amos said...

Hi KeenYee,
Mind share which hotel in? Is it Furama? Had plan to visit there soon. I am so afraid of haunted hotel, as taiping is very very old town.

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Twilight Zone: You must have gone with wrong people la. Bring Anton along next time and he'll lead you to the real "night safari". Haha.

amos: Yalor, I stayed at Furama. Touched wood that I didn't see any suspicious "thing" at night time la. And the price also quite reasonable. But my friend said it's better to stay at Maxwell Hill. Maybe you can consider this.

*Anton* said...



simonlover said...

Aww...I miss Taiping too...Been to the Night Safari last Aug though..

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

simonlover: The night safari was just so so ler. But the lake was fascinating