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July 26, 2010

Dragon flies from Hanoi

26 JUL 2010: Last year when my colleague went for a trip to Hanoi, she bought me a little souvenir. And another friend went to the same place last month, and I’ve got the same souvenir again; different in color and size. Makes me wonder what’s so special about this thing; any meaning behind? Anyhow, I like the bling2 effect though.

This is probably not something new that Putrajaya had organized a flora festival few weeks back; and I went over with a friend to look around and take some photos. I was disappointed that I didn’t see my favorite species of “bird of paradise”.

July 15, 2010

Fly to the Land Below the Wind

9 – 11 JULY 2010: Just 3 days after my HK relatives went back that I’ve yet recovered from my tiredness; I’ve to pack for my 3D2N trip to our land below the wind. I’ve been to Kota Kinabalu twice over the last 10 years for hiking and island hoping; and this time around was Sandakan.

It was a planned trip that we booked the flight early of the year. A friend of mine was origin from there; who suggested us to follow him back to his lovely hometown for a short weekend trip. An early morning flight it was (720am) where we reached Sandakan 3 hours after that. A lovely and peaceful town it is; with no traffic at all, friendly local people (and they speak hakka too), very fresh seafood and beautiful landscapes it has.

To summarize what I’ve done within these 3 days.



Local attractions:

Don’t know why, I really love Sabah a lot. I could feel myself at home being there, probably because the local Chinese speaks hakka. Do you have any local state or city/town of your interest?

July 1, 2010

HK / MY / PG / CH / KL

1 JULY 2010: 1st day of July, which means we’ve entered 2nd half of year 2010. Some people might tend to look back on what they’ve done over the past 6 months; somehow I would rather look forward for things that I’ll do for the next 6 months. Which category are you in?

I’m actually blogging from my sister’s room. Reason being is that my relatives from HK are here in KL, and I have to spare my guest room for them. It’s going to be a fully-packed week with following itinerary:

1 Jul: Sunway Lagoon/Pyramid.
2-3 Jul: Penang.
3-4 Jul: Cameron Highland.
5 Jul: KL/Petaling Street/KLCC etc.

Penang punye kawan2 sekalian, here I come!! Cameron punye bunga2 sekalian, here I come again!! Might need to call Grandma or TZ for food directory around the island. Definitely won’t drive around Komtar again.

June 29, 2010

I Love Burger

29 JUNE 2010: I’m always a burger lover. During schooling and Uni time, I could only afford those Ramly burger that I still like it until now, especially the burger special with extra mayonnaise..simply yummy. Can hardly find a nice Ramly stall nearby my house now.

A friend of mine, Mr. P has recommended this restaurant in Bangsar Village but I never thought of paying a visit. According to him, the restaurant (Daily Grind) serves the best burger in town. Therefore, we went for it during one of these Sunday. Met with him at Starbucks when he was playing around with his new DSLR. Am I a talented model? Walked down to the restaurant after an hour of chat, and I was surprise that I wasn’t aware of the place despite hundred times of visiting to this mall.

Ordered a beef burger recommended by the waiter. The food portion was just nice and the burger tasted great. A comfortable atmosphere with lovely music, and good food; I love it.

Are you a burger lover? What is your recommendation for my next visit?

June 22, 2010

What’s Your Color?

22 JUNE 2010: Some people said color represents emotion, while others would say color represents fashion etc. This is quite a subjective topic dependent on individual’s belief. Still remember a friend used to tell me that there’re only black and white in the world, that light is the main source producing colors. Honestly, I don’t like the idea at all that I don’t want my world to be colorless and depending on other (light) to color my world. We all should have control over our own life, I believe.

Back to the topic; it was gloomy morning that I chose to wear a red polo shirt for work to bright up my day a little perhaps. And the other 2 team mates of mine wore the same color (different tones) by coincidence. Of course we do have our own reason for choosing such color. However, I couldn’t help but wonder that the choice was merely based on our emotion influenced by the weather.

What is color of shirt that you wear today? And why did you choose such color?

May 31, 2010

Eyes on Cameron

31 MAY 2010: Went up to Cameron over the Wesak’s weekend for a short trip with friends. The trip was basically nothing more than eating and vege-shopping. Left KL at 6am and drove to Ipoh for breakfast, and then from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands via the new highway. As it was a long weekend, the traffic was bad along the way and we only manage to reach Tanah Rata at around 1pm. A tiring 6-7 hours of driving it was. I’ve been told by some friends that it’s much nearer to drive up using the old highway instead. Anyone tried that before? How about the road condition and safety?

Anyhow, that’s not the main point. Vege and market shopping is definitely a must when speaking about Cameron. Saw some numbers of familiar “faces” who I’ve seen or spoken before (forgotten where and when) while walked around the market, but I couldn’t recall their names. Therefore, we just had some eye contacts without any words spoken. Is this normal or I was being LCLY?

What would you do in such situation? Would you at least smile a little or even say "Hi"?

May 12, 2010

TechEureka Career Day

12 MAY 2010: With collaboration between MSC Malaysia and The Star Online, TechEureka will organize a Career Day in PWTC, KL from 14-16 May 2010. The career fair aims to provide youths with a platform to learn more about opportunities in the ICT (information and communications technology) industry and also participate in the programs.

There’ll be more than 300 companies participate in the Career Day itself. My company will have a booth setup during these 3 days event where I’ll be there on Saturday (15 May 2010). We’re actually looking for fresh graduates to fill in various trainee positions within our organization.

This would definitely be a great platform for youths to explore more about ICT industry and discover their own potential within the industry. Come and expose yourself with a better opportunity if you’re looking for one.

In case you see me there, do drop by to say “hi” ok. See you.

April 29, 2010

Chickie Me

29 APR 2010: It’s a monthly routine for me to go for haircut. Mostly the usual style that I’ve got a little bored with it. Therefore, here’s my conversation with the hairstylish:

E: As usual?
Me: Hm…thinking of change a little bit.
E: Trying somehow new? Something shorter?
Me: Maybe. But is it hard to manage?
E: Nah, not at all.
Me: Sounds good.

Enjoyed myself with those magazines and Blackberry for some time until I looked at the mirror.

Me: Alamak, apa ni?
E: Something new for you (Smiling).
Me: Hm…is it a little too short ?
E: Nope, just a start for you to get used to it. Next time could be shorter. Very easy to manage, you don’t even need to gel on the side.
Me: That’s true; hardly see any hair for me to gel also. :(

What do you think of my new look? My dad commented that I look like a chickie

April 26, 2010

Whore No More

26 APR 2010: Looking back my recent postings and found out that I didn’t camwhore that much comparing to last time, maybe months back. Has anyone actually noticed about this?

Is it because I’m getting older, and lost the courage to camwhore anymore?
Is it because my life is getting boring and routine?
Or is it because I’m tired of my own look?

Perhaps it’s time to pass my tiara to the next generation. Who’s next?

April 7, 2010

Your Birthday?

7 APR 2010: Bumped into a scenario lately where Birthday Reminder in FB shows birthday of my friend as today, but my own calendar stated it would be the day after. Well, lots of other friends sent birthday wishes to him through FB. Anyhow, I’ve verified with his special friend and obviously this friend purposely put a fake birth date in FB.

Somehow I believe people nowadays are becoming more dependent on such technologies to keep themselves updated with stuff around them, especially when it comes to dates. But it’s always sweet to receive wishes from someone on your birthday, isn’t it? I know this could be tricky and I hate dates as well. These are few ways that I use to keep track of them:

- 1st priority: Brain (VIP).
- 2nd priority: Stores in cellphone’s calendar with reminder.
- 3rd priority: Marks in office’s table calendar.
- The rest: FB’s birthday reminder.

How do you remember those special dates? Or you don’t actually care about it?

March 30, 2010


28 MAR 2010: It was a usual Sunday where I would went out for breakfast with family, followed by shopping at nearby shopping mall. I was a little tired indeed after the outing on the night before even though I went off from the club at 12am++.

Anyhow, I saw a banner put up by this skin care shop when I was walking around with sister and nephew. Something wrong I felt. I only realized the mistake made on the second look. OMG, how could they make such a silly mistake? Are those staff really blind of it was purposely done to attract attention. If it’s the latter, at least they are kind of successful to attract my attention.

Anyhow, did you realize whether other branches are using the same marketing strategy?

March 24, 2010

New Family Member

24 MAR 2010: Let me introduce the latest addition of my family member, who is a nephew of mine.

After 9 months of waiting, he was finally born yesterday. He came a week earlier than expected, that gave me a big surprised receiving a SMS from my sister at early morning.

Left office earlier and drove over to KL after work to pay him and the mum a visit. Though it took us an hour plus to get there within the bad traffic condition, but seeing his face makes it worth everything.

A mixed feeling I had actually. I was very happy for my brother and of course for having another nephew, but it was kinda painful to accept the truth that I’m getting older apparently. Give myself a pat on my own shoulder, telling that I can do nothing but to accept and live my life better.

Hope he grows to be a healthy and better man.

February 12, 2010

Flowery New Year

12 FEB 2010: Been a quiet morning today. The traffic was very smooth and the office is being so peaceful now. I just love it this way.

As all the shopping malls have their own theme when it comes to CNY décor, I think my family is trying to follow the same trend too. And our theme for this year is “FAT FA DIN (發花癲)”. Have no idea where and when that my father gets all those flowers from. Previously I’ve seen only one pot at the corner of the living room. And when I woke up this morning and walked down from my room, ya allah…another big one besides the TV, the whole tree lagi tu. Probably my father wants to get me more “TOU FA WAN (桃花运)” for this coming year, LOL.

How about your house décor? Done anything spectacular or extra ordinary?
BTW, Happy Chinese New Year to all of you.

February 10, 2010

Lou Sang

10 FEB 2010: Bet this is the thing that we all love to do during the CNY festive season. I remember that people used to start Lou Sang-ing after the actual CNY, but it seems totally different now.

Wherever I went for dinner at any Chinese restaurant weeks back, they already asked whether we want to Lou Sang. And till today, I’ve done it 2 times. And I believe I will have another round during my company dinner later tonight.

Does anyone know what the actual purpose of Lou Sang is? So that everything will be better next year. But what if we did it too much? Can “better” turn out to be “worse”? Just a food of thought for you. How many times you have Lou Sang till today? What do you enjoy most about it? I know someone actually like to eat it (Bought from Jusco and kept in his fridge, you know who you are huh)

February 7, 2010

Putrajaya Night Run 2010

6 FEB 2010: Putrajaya night marathon was claimed as the 1st night marathon event within the country. Can’t confirm on the truth behind it, but it was my 2nd half marathon run for sure.

The half marathon category started at 830pm. Medals are given to runners who completed the run within 3.5 hours. Comparing to the previous Penang Bridge Marathon, the route is obviously tougher. And felt like taking me ages to complete the run. I ran at my own pace for the 1st 14 km before I stopped for rest, with sweat all over my body. And for the next few km, I just took my own sweet time to complete it while enjoying the Putrajaya night view. Magnificent bridges I would say.

Been given a bottle of mineral water and a snack pack containing a bread, banana and muffin after the run. The tired me reached home at 1230am. Will I join the same event again next year? Maybe but probably will only go for 7.7km, LOL. Will you join next year?

January 26, 2010

Hong Kong (2007 vs 2010)

15 - 21 JAN 2010: Went to HK for 7D6N trip with family. Took quite a lot of photos over the week even though I was there 3 years back. Went to some of those same places again as my 2nd sister and nephew were along this time around (They didn't go 3 years back). The weather was lovely (13-18C). Anyhow, not much of shopping this time around as those outlets were selling mostly winter clothes.

Coincidencely, took some photos at the same places as 3 years back. Therefore, I tried to put those together to see my changes over the past 3 years. Guess nothing much changed apart from being an older me now.

These are the selected shots of my nephew over the trip. Such a naughty but photogenic little boy he is.

Well, when and where will be my next trip?

January 15, 2010

2 Hours...

15 Jan 2010: Finally I have time to check my blog again. Looked at the previous post and realized that was like 18 days ago? Wow, what have I done within this period? Did anyone realize that I’ve been missing indeed?

Work has been piled up lately since new year, been assigned to a new project that requires me to complete the thing by end of the month without any supporting documents provided. Did a lot of researches and almost daily night conference calls to discuss on open items. What made it worse was I’ll be on a week leave within the month that I need to get it done ideally before I leave.

And here I am, done my project review with US side an hour ago and packed all my stuff. Another 2 hours that I’ll leave to airport, and by 10am++ I’ll step on the land of “Shopping Heaven”…Yippie. No more Blackberry with me this time around, I need a peaceful holiday

OK guys, catch up again when I’m back to town and may you all have a good week ahead.