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November 21, 2008

Smoking habits in Czech Republic

20 Nov 2008: My Company has a development center in Prague, Czech Republic where some of my colleagues were so lucky enough to be sent there for training. While some of them (Czech) were here as well (My lady boss was here early of the year and we had a wonderful week together). From my observation, most of them are smokers where it wasn’t a surprise for me as smokers are just everywhere. I believe you can simply find one by looking around you. You can even smell or kiss them (If they are good looking) to verify it, just if you want to go further.

Speaking about Prague, I’ve got a gift from Mr. D who was back from Prague few weeks ago. Guess what, it’s a match-box containing matches of course (What else to put inside there? No more lizard please). Nothing spectacular about the match-box but I’ve received quite a similar thing from another colleague of mine (Ms. E) a year back. I couldn’t help but wonder whether match-box is the best gift they could ever get from the country itself. I’ve been looking around the Internet to justify this and found out that around 30-40% of adult there are smokers and smoking caused a total of 18,000 deaths in a year. Aw, this could be a very sad statistic at least for me though I’m not the citizen of the country itself. The curious me was wondering whether their government has done some GOOD actions to reduce the amount of smokers. Maybe they can learn from us by keep increasing the price of cigarettes and start printing some photos and warning on the box itself. Can anyone tell me whether this helps? Looked around again, yet I still saw some peoples smoking out there.

Time really flies that it’s Thursday today, without much realizing it. I’ll be heading to Ipoh tomorrow late noon. Guess I won’t have time to update this over the next few days. I’m gonna miss every one of you and hell ya, I will snap some photos there to be shared here. Take care and enjoy your weekend!!!


Twilight Zone said...

You also wanna start anti-rokok kempen? LOL..
BTW the China & Japan govt support the tobacco monopoly so they indirectly encourage smoking. After all, everyone has to die someday, so why not tru smoking? I am guessing their thoughts.

sbanboy said...

Have a great time in Ipoh and drive kfuly :)

TZ said...

I always support the anti-rokok kempen... twilight zone call me in eh!

Dude, have a safe trip to Ipoh and looking forward to the awesome piccies eh!

Danny said...

no a fan of smoking here ...
btw, do u know that lunch hour is for u to eat n rest, not camwhoring? ;p
enjoy ur FUN ipoh trip la..

[SK] said...

good that you are anti-rokoking!! give me 5, and 5, and 10!!!

do you know while sitting in the driver's seat you should concentrate on the road and not camwhoring with your camera?? LOL :p

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Twilight Zone: Ah..dying in a way that caused my ourselves? No way.

sbanboy: Will do. Thanks man.

TZ: Will make sure my camera is always by my side.

Danny: The apple? It's good to take some shots before it goes into my stomach. At least it is remembered.

[SK]: Yeah, 5!!!! I tried not to move my ass from the driver seat though. Only moved my hand and....face muscle. :)

I'll go off in an hour time...So happy!!!

*Anton* aka BCT said...

You look like a Doc in blue robes! :)

Btw, I do not smoke too. ^_^

+The Ant+

savante said...

Well some folks do collect matchboxes. Some really interesting ones with different shapes :) And the graphics are amazing.

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Anton: Doc? Haha..dare not to say this.

savante: I do have this kind of interest though where I've collected some of those matchboxes. It's very interesting.