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October 17, 2008

Company DeepaRaya Dinner

Knowing that I won't have much work to do for these few days, went to office with a holiday mood. Purposely woke up earlier at the morning to do ironing, which I've picked a shirt that I bought few years back in Bangladesh for my company DeepaRaya dinner. This is an annual dinner organized by our company's social commitee to celebrate Hari Raya + Deepavali. Thanks for their effort. The dress code for this year is "Traditional". Took me sometime the night before to think of the shirt that can match with the theme.

Later at noon, went to a nearby mall in Putrajaya with a few close friends of mine. I remembered that we used to have a debate on pronounciation of the mall's name "Alamanda".

Me: Hey, how do you guys actually pronounce this name?
Nesh: Ala-manda....
Lyn: Really?
Me: I think should be Alam-anda...
White boy:'s actually a muslim name of an English lady.
Lyn: Are you sure?
Me: Oh would it be?
White boy: It's Al-Amanda!!!

It was kind of funny at that time. Haha, this boy really can make us laugh. Anyway, we weren't suppose to eat so much as we'll have another round of buffet dinner in few hours time. However, someone suggested pizza and all of us agreed. After a cup of mushroom soup, a breadstick, a slice of garlic bun and 3 slices of jeans started to feel tight. I knew tonight is gonna be tough!!!

Few hours later whileI still can feel those pizza floating inside my stomach, we went to the nearby resort (Cyberview Resort) for the DeepaRaya dinner. Reached the resort in less than 3 minutes drive. The resort has a very nice swimming pool with an artificial waterfall. And coincidencely, there was a garden wedding going on at the same time...another lovely couple tied the knot at this romantic place...wish them happily ever after.

Dinner started at around 7pm. Food variety wasn't that much and the food quality was just fine. Started with vegetable shark fin soup followed by salad, main course (Fried kuey tiew, vegetables, vegetable green curry, chicken rendang, mutton curry and baked potato), dessert and a cup of's gonna take me the next whole week of jogging to burn these. Anyway, I had a great time snapping photo with the 2 angels and had a nice chat with some other colleague.

KEENYEE is always appreciating the moment like this...


meglittlemeg said...

hey, i found that you like cam whoring. kakaka

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Meg: Cilakak....