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October 21, 2008

Smell of South Africa

A colleague of mine, Ms J was back from South Africa yesterday that today was her 1st day of work after the trip. She spent 3 weeks travelling around the country, and I was expecting a lot interesting and kinky stories from her to share with, but unfortunately she has disappointed me with her 5 minutes stories? Well, perhaps she was too tired or she left her brain with some gorgeous guys in South Africa. Anyway, I'm kind of jealous with Ms J sometimes that she has travelled to a lot places that I've never thought of going before...Nepal, South Africa...and her next target is India. GOOD LUCK Ms J!!!

This is the key chain given by Ms J that she bought from South Africa. Hopefully it’s not made in China. :)

Speaking about souvenirs, I do like key chain very much especially those with special statue or symbol representing the country of origin.

It has been a relaxing day for me that I've decided to go for another round of jogging after work. This would be the 2nd for the week, hopefully I can keep this routine for months to come so that I can cut off some weight...I'm out of shape now!!! The weather wasn't perfect with high possibility of raining but thank god it didn't. Perhaps it's final quarter of the year that rain has been pouring non-stop for the past week, especially at late noon that causes massive traffic everywhere.

For all runners out there, please don't get wet and take good care of yourselves.

FYI, Terry Fox Run KL 2008 will be held in Lake Garden, Kl on 2nd November 2008. Terry Fox run is an annual charity run event to help raise funds for cancer research. I'm really proud and happy that this would be my 2nd year of joining this annual event. There are 2 routes for this year; 5km for adult and 3.5km for family run. You just need to purchase the limited edition Terry Fox t-shirt at RM25 in order to participate in this event. Please come and join the fun!!


BiologicalClockTicking said...

Welcome to the world of bloggers. I'm pretty new myself!

meglittlemeg said...

wow, so nice went for holiday in south africa.. My colleague just back. She enjoyed it much too. One day was raining and she so sad.. Hee.

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

biologicalclockticking: Thanks for your warm welcome. I'm kinda new here and hope that you enjoyed reading my blog. Let's learn together then. :)

Meg: Yeah, so when is our turn to go somewhere out of Asia?

BiologicalClockTicking said...

Nice legs!!!!! Hahahaha

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

I'll that as a compliment though it doesn't sounds like 1..Haha.