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October 17, 2008

Meaty Dinner + Starbucks = Awesome

Thursday, the day that I used to dislike due to the weekly night conference call. I'd been stucked in the office from 9-10pm, every thursday for the past 3-4 months just to attend the call. It was a tough time but I'm glad that the project has been released successfully...Thanks to all my team mates, I'm always glad to work with everyone of you.

Since there's no more night conference call to attend, I told myself that I won't stay at home today!!! Hence, went to Taipan for dinner with a friend of mine. It was a tough decision to pick a dining place around that area as there are lot of them....a lot. But since I'm always saying that I'm on diet, I picked a small cafe that serve meaty food...sausages, ham, pork knuckle etc. Well , doesn't sounds like a diet plan at all huh...I knew, but that's me (couldn't resist when it comes to food). The food served was good and I had a great time with my companion.

Proceed to Starbucks for some coffee though our stomach was really out of space. Had a favourite drink of mine aka Blended Espresso. Just don't know why do I like it so much but sometimes you don't need any reason to like something, do you? Was looking around and wondering why this place was crowded even on weekday...students, parents with kids are all around the place.

Didn't really stay too long as it's a weekday anyway, left the place at 10:30pm.

BTW, I'm missing those beers...Let's go for drink someday, Meg..please.....:)


meglittlemeg said...

wow.. What a 'usual' thursday night??!?! Thats eventful for me wor.. Can eat good and supper at starbucks on weekday! Ur life really exciting wor :) got good companion, sure shiok hor?

hehe, its lucky my mum don read blogs! Hee. But i already bertaubat, don do beers. Old liow, will drunk.. Hee... Haa... But the beer looks and sounds nice. Smooth malt background brew ;)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Just a dinner and drink..what so eventful about? And I always happy being with every companion of mine, including you...MEG!!! Opss, hopefully your significant other didn't read this.
Don't worry, you won't get drunk so easily as you have the background. Perhaps you've quit beer, more towards hard liquor now? Yes yes, the beer looks nice..tempting? Wanna try someday?

meglittlemeg said...

Yea yea, we shall try it someday lor! I miss Baileys..hehe..

Oh yea, to me is eventful la..
meaty dinner, and Starbucks on weekdays! Now, u see the gap in our standard of living.. ngek ngek.

BiologicalClockTicking said...

Sausages, ham, pork knuckle? gosh, reminds me of Euro Deli. Hvnt been there in ages.

Gotta go there soon!!! :)