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December 6, 2008

Bye Bye KL

6 DEC 2008: I was a bit tired after a whole day of babysitting my nephew. We have done some shopping, car test-drive, cycling, eating and couldn't miss sleeping as well. A very enjoyable day I should say.

By the way, I'll be leaving the town tomorrow early morning down to Johor for family trip. It's a 2D1N trip to Kukup Island since Monday is a public holiday. Damn, should put the blame on my bad geographic knowledge that I have never heard of this place before . For those of you who been to this place before, any idea where is it and how great is this place?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


*Anton* said...

Hope you are able to find those kopitiams. Their buttered kaya bread is to die for! ^_^

Safe trip ya.


Twilight Zone said...

Kukup is a seafood haven for Singaporeans.
What brand is your sunglasses ah? Have a good holiday!

TZ said...

Dude, enjoy your trip eh!... i still remembered few years back, I was having my secondary school gathering @ Kukup.. :-p

The seafood is superb... especially the steam prawns drool drool...

Lifebook said...

Enjoy your extended weekend. More photo pls.

LAURENCE said...

thr gt a lot of seafood~
n gt a national park ~
a nice relaxable place~
but thr was too smelly~
enjoy ur trip ya~

mang0 said...

Hey going to Kukup? Drop by JB lar, we go yum cha~

cherlyn said...

Nice D&G glasses. cool..Enjoy your trip...

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Anton: I missed those kopitiam recommended as it was raining whole morning. Hehe, guess I won't go there 2nd time just for the kopitiam though.

Twiligh Zone: There are some seafood restaurants nearby, but the 1 that we went for...just so so. The glasses is Bylgari. :)

TZ: Tried the steamed prawns. Guess we can now get some better seafood nowadays in KL.

Lifebook: Hey man, been so long didn't see you around. Sure I will post some photos around. Great to see you again.

Laurence: You are right that I could smell the "fresh" sea water before even reached there. Hehe.

mangO: Kukup near JB? I have no idea at all. Totally blind about that area.

Cherlyn: It's Bylgari ler...Thanks a lot and I'm waiting to see you again soon.