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December 2, 2008

Understanding subconscious and body language

1 DEC 2008: Time really flies that we are in the last month of 2008. As a preparation for my next year's income tax, I bought 2 books from MPH last week as I've got a RM100 voucher during my company dinner last June. Anyway, one of the book is about body language and another one is a about dreams. Well, don't get me wrong that I ain't a day dreamer (Although sometimes I did), but it happens sometimes that I have some weird dreams, which I really wish to know what do those dreams meant to be. Sounded a bit silly but some people does believe that dream is actually a kind of communication between our subconscious and reality. I couldn't explain too much here as I'm just reaching page 11 of the book.

Once I've mastered this knowledge, perhaps I could provide FOC dream interpretation service for every one of you. What an ambitious me.

I went out with my elder brother after work to buy a bicycle as a birthday gift for my nephew. We've celebrated his birthday together for the past 3 years and tomorrow will be 4th. I really hope that we could keep this going every year, and nothing happier than seeing him grows up day by day.

My precious, uncle really loves you so much.


*Anton* said...

Awwww... wot a sweet uncle.

So, what did my body language reveal to you last week? :P


[SK] said...

hey, thanks for reminding about the tax relief for books, i'm gonna go get more books and mags for myself, hehehe :p don't want to pay unnecessary taxes that goes into the pocket of "THOSE" groups of people!!!

Danny said...

gd gd, next time u can tell me more about my dreams... but not sure if the book will help, cos my dreams are so OUT OF THE WORLD... lol

TZ said...

Can i ask you a favor?
Review what you leant and felt about the two books... I like to read this kind of book thot :-p

Twilight Zone said...

So you are learning some new tricks now and soon you will become twilight too. LOL.

I really jealous that your nephew got such a good and funny camwhore uncle.

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Anton: Haha, let me go through the book 1st and let you know next time.

[SK]: Lovely. What kind of books and magazines are you into?

Danny: Mm...I'll try my best la. If I couldn't interpet it, means you are helpless..hehe.

TZ: Sure, but I think you gonna wait. Coz it normally took me sometimes to finish a book. I'm a slow reader.

Twilight Zone: If I have choice, perhaps I'll choose to learn from you..much better. Guess what, I'm training my nephew to be another whore now..if you did notice it. :)

mang0 said...

Hey hey, when you finish the dream book, lend it to me :p

sbanboy said...

Hmmm body language eh ? You should give us classes after you are done reading book :)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

mang0: Yes mam, it's gonna take some time though.

sbanboy: Cool, I'll be good enough by then to conduct the classes using my own body languge. Are you still interested?

sbanboy said...

Sure man ... I am interested. Coz I am think I still bad at relationships coz sometimes still too blur mah.

Anyway u know how to get me when you ready to teach :)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

sbanboy: Really out of my expectation that I have a student even before start reading the book. Well, I wouldn't say I'm good in relationship as well. It's a long learning process dude.

[SK] said...

yeeee, you asked until so cheeky one?? i'll tell you in person~~ hahahaha :p

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

[SK]: Cheeky? Hehe, I could be worse in person. So you better be careful..keke.