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December 18, 2008

Visit Singapore 2008

18 DEC 2008: Still remembered the last time I went down to Singapore was December 2007 for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, and it was already year ago. Well, another year older for me. Anyhow, I didn't participate in this year’s Marathon as the schedule was too close with the Putrajaya Walkathon. Will try to make it next year, I promise. :)

Today is the day where I will go down for 3D2N trip with the purpose of friends visiting, walk-around and dancing perhaps (follow Twilight’s footstep, hehe). Hopefully, it will be an enjoyable trip this time around. However, I’m kind of worry about the huge congestion at the new Sultan Iskandar CIQ complex, as seen on newspaper. Damn...I just hate human traffic.

See you guys around 3 days later. :)


Twilight Zone said...

Hope you will have loads of fun in S'pore and cum back with burst credit cards. Sure or not you wanna do Twilight dance? You need a terribly thick skin like me! I also want a Tom Ford perfume! Thanks in advance.

[SK] said...

hey dude, remember to buy me christmas present from singapore oooh~~ :p

TZ said...

Dude, can i also request for Xmas present? I wanna a tight tight nike-pro T-shirt :p What size? Size L :p Thank you thank you...

BTW, don't forget to sit on Santa's lap in Singapore... do take a picture and share with us eh! :p

Enjoy your trip eh! :p

*Anton* said...
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*Anton* said...

Just knowing that you had a great time in Sg and safe return is good enough a gift for me. ^_^


ernloy said...

say 'Hi' for me to Singapore!!! :)

Danny said...

enjoy visiting, enjoy shopping, enjoy eating, enjoy dancing & enjoy naughty-ing ;p

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Twilight Zone: Surprisingly I didn't buy much things this time around. Didn't even spend all my cash. Ah, guess I'm getting better on financial controlling..hehe.

SK: Eh..xmas gift? Can't even find 1 for myself. It was soooo crowded in Ochard.

TZ: Hehe, I love Nike shirt too. Couldn't find Santa there. :(

Anton: Thanks. So sweet of you.

Ernloy: Guess you shall go there someday and say "Hi" by yourself. More meaningful. And it's just few hours of drive/bus.

Danny: Same goes to you. Korea, there you go!!! :)