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December 29, 2008

A loving trip to Historical city

27 - 28 DEC 2008: A beloved friend of mine (Alu) was back from UK for her yearly home-visiting. Therefore, Meg has planned for a 2D1N trip to Malacca since Alu misses our local food very much.

On the day itself, I woke up at 7am to pick them up from Cheras to meet Lee at Kajang. We had seafood noodle as breakfast in Cheras before departed to Lee's house, where we reached at around 10am. So 6 of us in 2 cars, drove all the way down South to Malacca. We met with another friend of us (Local Boy) in Malacca and went to Jonker Street for lunch. The traffic in Malacca town was very bad as it was a long weekend and holiday break for most of the people. And I did observe that most of the cars' plate number started with W or B. Damn, Selangor and KL people are just too free, aren't we? Moreover, the weather was terribly hot. I'm always wondering what kind of attraction does Malacca has that attracts so many tourist. Historical architectures? Food? Weather? Handy craft? Can you name me others?

My friends wanted to go for Malacca famous chicken rice ball as lunch, and the queue was horribly long even under the hot sun. Gosh, I'm gonna be a roasted chicken before I'm getting my turn, I was thinking. We queued for around 20 minutes (My skin was burnt) before we seated and served with food. The chicken rice served was pretty normal that we could always get a better serving in KL. And the rice ball looked smaller compared to my last visit. After the meal where most of us were so full, we decided to walk around Jonker Street. Walked down the street, we took quite a lot of light snacks such as Chendol, Machi, Kuih Nyonya, Satay Babi etc. and those foods were really nice I should say.

Checked in to our Hotel (Baba House) which is located next to Jonker Street. Meg done the reservation earlier last few weeks, where this hotel was actually her 2nd choice as the 1st hotel was full. Walked into the lobby, the hotel looked nicely decorated in Baba and Nyoya style. All the furniture and decors matched very well with the theme presented. However, the service given by reception and housekeeping wasn't that pleasant. The 3 rooms reserved weren't ready though we checked in at 4pm. Moreover, the room's condition wasn't as good as shown in their website and the check-out process took ages to complete.

As we've been out since early morning, we decided to take a short nap before our dinner at 7pm. Woke up at 6pm to get myself ready for the evening session where we went for stay celup and fried oyster. As usual, we enjoyed the food very much as these are the famous food in Malacca. After the dinner, Local Boy brought us to the Portuguese Settlement to enjoy the sight-seeing of Christmas decors. The place was packed and those houses were very nicely decorated with lots of creative colorful lightings. And our Prime Minister was there as well for speech and visiting. All of us were very tired that we went back to hotel for rest at 1am.

Woke up at 8:30am the next morning for our breakfast served by hotel. It was a very simple breakfast of breads, scramble egg and coffee/tea. The portion was small that most of us couldn't even felt the food inside our stomach after taken it. Therefore, we went for 2nd round of breakfast at Jonker Street where we took our favourite Asam Laksa. Always love the Asam Laksa here.

Drove back to KL after checked out from hotel so that we could have enough rest before attending a wedding dinner of our course mate at Bankers Club. It was a fun trip with a lot of eating though Malacca itself wasn't a fantastic choice of place considering the bad traffic and hot weather. :)


Silly Little Prince said...

i love the baba house.

TZ said...

Dude, I was there Dec 23rd .... I took couple of piccie... haven't have time to arrange and blog about this ... :p

Happy New Year ...

Fable Frog said...

oh~ eveyone was at Melaka~ hahaha

meglittlemeg said...

Melaka = hot weather + good eats!!

*Anton* said...

I'll definitely make Mcca a must-visit soon.


K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Silly Little Prince: It is nicely decorated with those antique furniture and painting. But the room is not that nice. :)

TZ: Oh, did you go for the food? Happy new year to you as well.

Fable Frog: Are you planning to go someday as well? Hehe.

Meg: It was terribly hot, but the food was really GOOD!! Yummy.

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Anton: Cool...and you should go for the fried oyster and satay babi...apart from the usual satay celup and chendol.:)

[SK] said...

chicken rice: which one you tried?? the dodgy one opposite OCBC bank??

satay babi: huh?? got such thing in melaka meh??

baba hotel: urrggh, i would never stay there, reminds me of Twilight's eerie antique story..

satay celup: huh?? they have fried oyster meh?? i didn't know that..

meglittlemeg said...

actually i tried the satay babi at the end of jonker st. That was nicer.

Whats the eerie story btw, sk?

And ya.. Its the shop opposite ocbc bank.. Why dodgy geh?

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

SK: The chicken rice shop is opposite OCBC. Satay babi was introduced by the Local Boy. And the satay celup is pretty famous in Malacca lah. The Baba hotel, agreed that it was pretty scary but touch wood that nothing happened . You should really try those food next time you pay a visit there.

Meg: Oh, got another satay babi stall? We try next time ya. The eerie story? Hehe, better not to know it or next time you won't dare to stay at those hotels.

Twilight Zone said...

SK Thamby deh , I used to see lots of ghosts lingering inside those Malacca Museum houses wearing Nyonya sarongs. They still lived there, funny ah! Now my hair stand up. Yeeee.
KEENYEE - You wrote like a clown & it was funny, I love it. I used to walk into very antique shops so many times till the owner surrendered.

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Twilight Zone: Another ghost story, somemore with nyonya scary le. Hehe, I wrote like a clown? First time hearing this le, thanks ya.

Chris said...

Things that attract people to melaka? Hmmm, historical values perhaps, food most probably, weather I strongly doubt. What I can be sure is, girls love to throng good old melaka town for its GOOD LOOKING local lads...MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA...