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October 29, 2008

Let's run with Terry Fox

29 Oct 2008: Finally, I've got the Terry Fox Run 2008 shirt today. I was so worried previously that I couldn't get the shirt before the run this coming Sunday. I know that the shirt is available for purchase on the spot, but you know, just to be safe that I have the right size for the shirt. Many thanks to Janice for getting me the shirt and not forgotten the guy who sent over the shirt to our office (Too bad that I've forgotten his name). I love this shirt the first time I saw it. It's nicely designed and the colours used are bright and sharp. Well done to the designer!!

A nice shirt without a gorgeous and hunky model is just like a nasi lemak without sambal, it's just imperfect. When I was so busy looking around for the perfect model, this hot little cupid flew down from heaven. And by looking at his eyes, I knew he is the one that I was looking for. Doesn't he look fabulous here with the shirt?

For those that will join the Terry Fox run this coming Sunday, hope to see you all there. Just drop by and say hi to me if you see me around. :)

October 28, 2008

Hurt, is because you care...

28 Oct 2008: Weather was so nice today comparing to last week, where it was raining almost everyday. I spent 8 hours in office working on my own stuff peacefully without interruption from anyone. The feeling was awesome but kind of lonely some of the time as all my close colleagues were on time-off (Yeah, most of them are Indian).And I’m happy of myself that I’m still able to keep on with my jogging routine nowadays. Snapped this photo after my jog:

I’m feeling good and relax to see such a lovely sunset

While I was checking some emails and thinking about what to blog, I’ve been told by my dad that my grandma’s health is getting worse nowadays. She’s 80++ years old now and I think perhaps it would be a relief for her to leave in peace now rather than keep on fighting with the sickness. It’s hurt deeply seeing her in such a condition.

Hence, I couldn’t help but wondering…what would I be at that age? Can I even survive until 80? Perhaps not I think. Life is just too short for us to keep on waiting for the next thing to happen. Therefore, appreciate everyone around you and let go those that didn’t appreciate who we are.

October 27, 2008

Still the same Pavilion KL

27 Oct 2008 : It was 2 weeks back since the last time I went to Pavilion KL. I had a wonderful time with Meg and Mr Lee that day, as I recalled. So, what has changed after 2 weeks? Nothing much as I've noticed. Still the same Pavilion with lot of luxury boutiques around, and this place is always packed with human being. Had a simple lunch at food court to fill up my empty stomach where I've taken porridge (Gosh, I think I was addicted to it...all because of Mr Lee who introduced this to me 2 weeks back). I’ve done some shopping at Tangs that I've bought a new shirt for upcoming best friend’s wedding. Yeah...I bought a shirt again!!! Hello...70% discount, how could I resist it?

Since I don't think there's other stuff that I can afford to buy there in Pavilion, I decided to catch up a movie (Bangkok Dangerous). What's so dangerous about Bangkok? Perhaps the director should consider our country if he's planning for a sequel...Malaysia Dangerous, which I believe would fit better by looking at our rising criminal rates and political issues.

Nothing to be surprise about while walking around here apart from a small painting booth located nearby Marc Jacobs. I was pretty attracted to the painting as I do like painting very much. Believe it or not, I used to be good in drawing and painting when I was young that I believe it was a natural talent. But I think some talents are tend to fade out when you didn't polish it, even though it's gifted by god.

A relaxing weekend before Deepavali

24 Oct 2008 : It's always nice to meet and chat with a bunch of peoples who have been missing in your life for quite some time. I was invited to my ex-company open house for the Hari Raya, where I had a chance to meet with some ex-colleague that I used to see everyday back on year 2003-2005. Sharing some update among ourselves, and recall back some good/bad memories/experiences while being in the company, such as the unforgettable Bangladesh trip, company's financial issue etc, that makes me really proud of those who are still surviving there until now. You guys are the real man!!! And I'm glad that I was still invited though I've left the company for 3 years. This makes me wondering, how many of you still keeping a good relationship with your ex-boss without any monetary benefit involved?

It was a rainy night that I drove all the way from Cyberjaya to Shah Alam after work, but fortunately that I still able to reach on-time as I was using NKVE highway (of course I have to pay for the expensive tol fare). I’ve snapped some photos when I was waiting inside the car due to heavy rain.

25 OCT 2008 : Still able to wake up early in the morning for breakfast with dad. This time around I had a fried kuey tiew with coffee. Not too bad I think if I could keep this breakfast thingy as a routine for everyday Saturday’s morning (Provided I don't overslept). I was kind of attracted to entertainment news that talks about the sexiness among celebrities. And Hsu Qi was selected as a winner of sexiest lips over Angelina Jolie. Well, perhaps you might have a doubt on their judgment though I still prefer Mrs Pitt than our sexy Asian babe. How do you actually define sexiness? Would it be a feeling by its own (Differ from every individual) or do we have a standard measurement for sexiness?

I brought my nephew to a nearby shopping mall that I wanted to spend some quality time with him as I've not seen him for the past 2 weeks. He has now started wearing cap and kind of felt like he has grown taller. How many other things has changed for the past 2 weeks, I was thinking.

26 Oct 2008 : Sunday is always a family day for me. Despite of any emergency, I always try to keep this day for my family. We went for a simple breakfast early in the morning followed by some shopping at a shopping mall. The outing ended at 3pm that I still managed to get a short nap until 6pm before we went out for dinner. It was another heavy dinner that we've ordered 5 dishes, which most of them are seafood!!! I just love seafood so much, especially crab.

It was a lovely weekend after all. And tomorrow would be Deepavali...wishing all my Indian friends a Happy Deepavali!!! Don't forget to invite me for your open house. :)

October 23, 2008

The rainbow's gold

It was another rainy day but fortunately the rain came after I finished my jog. Traffic wasn't bad along the way back. Indeed I received a little surprise that I saw a rainbow while I was driving back home. Can hardly recall the last time I saw it. It was a definite beauty, like a ray of colourful light from heaven.

When I was a kid, I used to believe that there's a pot of gold with every rainbow where the place itself is unreachable by an ordinary person like me...unless I can fly. As time goes by, this kind of belief will eventually go out of our mind. And I was wondering, is it why we seem to have less happiness now? Do we lose our happiness when we lost our belief?

October 21, 2008

Smell of South Africa

A colleague of mine, Ms J was back from South Africa yesterday that today was her 1st day of work after the trip. She spent 3 weeks travelling around the country, and I was expecting a lot interesting and kinky stories from her to share with, but unfortunately she has disappointed me with her 5 minutes stories? Well, perhaps she was too tired or she left her brain with some gorgeous guys in South Africa. Anyway, I'm kind of jealous with Ms J sometimes that she has travelled to a lot places that I've never thought of going before...Nepal, South Africa...and her next target is India. GOOD LUCK Ms J!!!

This is the key chain given by Ms J that she bought from South Africa. Hopefully it’s not made in China. :)

Speaking about souvenirs, I do like key chain very much especially those with special statue or symbol representing the country of origin.

It has been a relaxing day for me that I've decided to go for another round of jogging after work. This would be the 2nd for the week, hopefully I can keep this routine for months to come so that I can cut off some weight...I'm out of shape now!!! The weather wasn't perfect with high possibility of raining but thank god it didn't. Perhaps it's final quarter of the year that rain has been pouring non-stop for the past week, especially at late noon that causes massive traffic everywhere.

For all runners out there, please don't get wet and take good care of yourselves.

FYI, Terry Fox Run KL 2008 will be held in Lake Garden, Kl on 2nd November 2008. Terry Fox run is an annual charity run event to help raise funds for cancer research. I'm really proud and happy that this would be my 2nd year of joining this annual event. There are 2 routes for this year; 5km for adult and 3.5km for family run. You just need to purchase the limited edition Terry Fox t-shirt at RM25 in order to participate in this event. Please come and join the fun!!

"Forget" and "Forgive"

Recent newspaper news have reminded me of an episode of "Sex and the City" season 4 that talks about how to forget and forgive, and whichever should come first. I have to agree that people does made mistake, even politician and I believe everyone deserves a 2nd chance. And I don't care whether it's "kangkung" or "bayam", and whether they cook it using "oyster sauce" or "Belacan", just cut the crap and show us what you can do.

I think the same theory applies to relationship. If your partner made a big mistake, can you forgive him/her? Can you forget about the mistake done? "Forget and Forgive" or "Forgive and Forget", which one should come first?

It was Monday anyway that I felt kind of blues for the whole day. Called some close friends who're working in KL for dinner where I have to rush all the way from Cyberjaya to KL purposely for the dinner. It was 40 minutes of drive as the traffic was bad due to heavy rain. Driving is always not a big deal for me as long as the occasion worth it and these close friends (D & M) never disappoint me.

Before we went to Pavillion for dinner, we dropped by at Westin Hotel to get some breads from its bakery that offer 50% discount after 6pm. Just go and check it out next time if you're interested. We bought a seafood bun and a walnut croissant that 3 of us shared before the dinner. I was being greedy that I bought some for the next day's breakfast as well and the paper bag given was nice. Walked over to Pavillion for Japanese dinner and egg tart. According to Ms M, the durian tart tasted good but I wouldn't dare to try it. Drove back home alone at 10pm.

KeenYee is tired but happy for the Monday outing...

October 20, 2008

A lovely day with family and friends

Sunday, 19 OCT 2008 - Didn't sleep well the night before. Fell asleep on sofa until 5am before I went up and continued 2nd round of sleeping until 9am. I've decided to become a good son today as a driver of my dad where we’ve joined my relatives for "Bak Kut Teh" breakfast at Jln Imbi. I wasn't really familiar with that place as I rarely taken breakfast there. Just took a very small portion as rice isn't be my favourite when it comes to breakfast (except nasi lemak maybe), furthermore bak kut teh is just too heavy as least for myself. And the bak kut itself wasn’t that fantastic though.

Proceed to KLCC after the breakfast as my uncle wanted to bring his kids to the playground/swimming pool in KLCC Park. It was a hot day that I've chosen to shop around instead of becoming a salted fish under the hot sun...I just don't enjoy hot weather. How good if we can ever have winter here in KL? Does grass always greener on the other side?

In case you've noticed a photo of mine with eye mask up there....Yes, I did it. Have noticed some crow feets growing at the side of my eyes...Am I really getting older?

Back home after lunch where I’ve taken an hour of power nap before rushing to Kepong for dinner with Meg. She has recommended this restaurant as it serves good crab at very reasonable price (RM18 per kg…that’s awesome). We’ve ordered 2kg of crabs for 4 of us that we could hardly finish it as I'm not really a big eater though the size of my body doesn’t said so. And…the night ended with some drinks and snacks at nearby Old Town Kopitiam.

Meg, I always enjoy your company....always do.

Horror movie can be funny sometimes.

I’ve been busy with lot of stuffs for the past 2 days that have taken my time away from blogging. It was Saturday that I woke up early in the morning (7am) to go to “wet” market with my dad. It has been sometime since the last time I did so…felt sorry to my dad and I miss the food there.

It was still the same old market with people yelling here and there, some dirty water splashed around my foot from nowhere and of course some aunties gossiping about others. But I do like the food here very much with lot varieties of local Chinese food at reasonable price.

I was enjoying myself in market though I was really sleepy...

My car's mileage has knocked 15k km and it was time for another service. Don't know why, I just don’t enjoy sending my car for service where I have to sit there doing nothing for an hour. Luckily the Service Center does have free Wi-Fi that I still able use my mobile phone to do some web browsing and check out my favourite blogs.

At noon time, went for a movie (Souls Code) with a friend of mine. She booked the ticket earlier and just told me that it's a Thai horror movie where I have just said "OK" without much hesitation. We took a light lunch at the shopping mall before proceed with the movie. The cinema wasn't that empty as expected earlier since this is considered a foreign movie though the country itself (Thailand) is just above us. The whole movie watching experience was kind of funny though the movie itself was actually quite scary. Looking at other peoples' expression and reaction while watching horror movie can be a real fun thing to do....:)

October 17, 2008

Company DeepaRaya Dinner

Knowing that I won't have much work to do for these few days, went to office with a holiday mood. Purposely woke up earlier at the morning to do ironing, which I've picked a shirt that I bought few years back in Bangladesh for my company DeepaRaya dinner. This is an annual dinner organized by our company's social commitee to celebrate Hari Raya + Deepavali. Thanks for their effort. The dress code for this year is "Traditional". Took me sometime the night before to think of the shirt that can match with the theme.

Later at noon, went to a nearby mall in Putrajaya with a few close friends of mine. I remembered that we used to have a debate on pronounciation of the mall's name "Alamanda".

Me: Hey, how do you guys actually pronounce this name?
Nesh: Ala-manda....
Lyn: Really?
Me: I think should be Alam-anda...
White boy:'s actually a muslim name of an English lady.
Lyn: Are you sure?
Me: Oh would it be?
White boy: It's Al-Amanda!!!

It was kind of funny at that time. Haha, this boy really can make us laugh. Anyway, we weren't suppose to eat so much as we'll have another round of buffet dinner in few hours time. However, someone suggested pizza and all of us agreed. After a cup of mushroom soup, a breadstick, a slice of garlic bun and 3 slices of jeans started to feel tight. I knew tonight is gonna be tough!!!

Few hours later whileI still can feel those pizza floating inside my stomach, we went to the nearby resort (Cyberview Resort) for the DeepaRaya dinner. Reached the resort in less than 3 minutes drive. The resort has a very nice swimming pool with an artificial waterfall. And coincidencely, there was a garden wedding going on at the same time...another lovely couple tied the knot at this romantic place...wish them happily ever after.

Dinner started at around 7pm. Food variety wasn't that much and the food quality was just fine. Started with vegetable shark fin soup followed by salad, main course (Fried kuey tiew, vegetables, vegetable green curry, chicken rendang, mutton curry and baked potato), dessert and a cup of's gonna take me the next whole week of jogging to burn these. Anyway, I had a great time snapping photo with the 2 angels and had a nice chat with some other colleague.

KEENYEE is always appreciating the moment like this...

Meaty Dinner + Starbucks = Awesome

Thursday, the day that I used to dislike due to the weekly night conference call. I'd been stucked in the office from 9-10pm, every thursday for the past 3-4 months just to attend the call. It was a tough time but I'm glad that the project has been released successfully...Thanks to all my team mates, I'm always glad to work with everyone of you.

Since there's no more night conference call to attend, I told myself that I won't stay at home today!!! Hence, went to Taipan for dinner with a friend of mine. It was a tough decision to pick a dining place around that area as there are lot of them....a lot. But since I'm always saying that I'm on diet, I picked a small cafe that serve meaty food...sausages, ham, pork knuckle etc. Well , doesn't sounds like a diet plan at all huh...I knew, but that's me (couldn't resist when it comes to food). The food served was good and I had a great time with my companion.

Proceed to Starbucks for some coffee though our stomach was really out of space. Had a favourite drink of mine aka Blended Espresso. Just don't know why do I like it so much but sometimes you don't need any reason to like something, do you? Was looking around and wondering why this place was crowded even on weekday...students, parents with kids are all around the place.

Didn't really stay too long as it's a weekday anyway, left the place at 10:30pm.

BTW, I'm missing those beers...Let's go for drink someday, Meg..please.....:)

October 14, 2008

Sushi King Card Bonanza

Wasn't planned to take lunch out there (FYI, my company does provide free lunch), but a colleague of mine invited us for lunch at Sushi King as they are having promotion for their Sushi King membership card holder. Well, RM2 per plate...Not a bad deal at all!!

Left office earlier at 11:45 so that we won't stuck at the the queue would be bad during this kind of promotion. Reached there before 12pm, which is just good enough for us to get a seat not far from the sushi bar. Not bad at all...I think.

Not too bad that we still able to get some salmon sushi, prawn tempura sushi etc at the beginning until the crowd getting worse after 12pm. People started to queue out there, and some of those "Kia Su" people start standing at the sushi bar...just to get some sushi that they wanted. But hey, don't we all wanted those sushi? And does it means you can take a short cut? Knowing much enough about human...this is perhaps nothing extraordinary at all!!!

October 13, 2008

Exercising due to excessive foods on weekend

My lovely big sis & bro (Jen & Cannon) have treated me porridge steamboat on Sunday noon (12 Oct 2008) as a celebration for my passed birthday, which have made me feel so guilty and fat due to the excessive portion of assorted balls consumed.

Monday, 13 Oct 2008 - Yet another monday with "just adequate" of workload at office. Decided to take a short jog at the nearby lakeside of my office. The weather was nice and windy though I can hear some thunders once in a while. It was quite sometime since my last 10km marathon run, which Singapore Standard Chartered run would probably the last marathon event that I've joined. It didn't last so long before I've got exhausted and took a break (I think should be around 3km). Took following photo while doing my rest:

And this is how I looks like before and after the jog:

Sitting alone by the lakeside..resting while enjoying the fascinating view of our beloved Putrajaya and looking at other joggers. Kind of felt lonely out of sudden, perhaps I'm missing you...Gosh, let's go home. I need a shower to cold down my brain and my heart.

Turtle Research and Rehabilitation

Saturday, 20 Sep 2008 - Departed from Subang Airport via Firefly to Kuala Terengganu for the one week Turtle Research and Rehabilitation volunteer program. It was a quiet and chilling morning where I've reached the airport earlier than expected due to the smooth traffic. Thanks to my lovely driver (Dad). Reached KT at around 8:30 where we've taken 2 cabs to meet with the organizer at UMT. Short briefing was given before we depart to Redang Island.

Chagar Hutang is a very beautiful private beach located at the north side of Redang Island, which consist of 350m long white sandy beach (with corals).

20-27 Sep 2008 - Spent 8D7N there without any contact with friends and family due to the lack of mobile coverage. It was a wonderful experience with a lot exposure to turtle related knowledge. Well, I won't explain in details here as you've to check it out yourself if interested. Foreigner is very much welcomed.

And please help to say "NO" to turtle eggs by filling up the petition form at following URL:

Something about me

Decision always come and go in our life, without us notice it or even have the choice to say yes/no sometimes. And it's getting worse when somebody is really bad in dealing with it, and I'm one of those out there. A simple decision sometimes either left/right, black/white, or even yes/no can easily takes my life away. Well, perhaps I'm a bit over here that I might have more lifes than cat does by saying this. :)

Anyway, I'm just another (cute) guy living in the city that's full of T junctions (KL), the city that 's full of lovely human being though some of the people might not agreed with me. I do love every single friend of mine, you know who you are.

That's all for now. Till we talk again.