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December 28, 2009

Christmas Weekend

24 DEC 2009: It was a Christmas Eve and an off day for me; therefore I brought my nephew for a walk and picnic at a park in Cyberjaya. It’s a very nice park that I used to jog here pretty often before I joined gym. Packed some snacks and drinks along as I knew my nephew would be tired running around as there’s a huge playground within the park.

Sitting at a corner while watched him running around the playground, realized that he has grown up a lot. A much taller and heavier him now that I could hardly carry him around anymore; means an older me nowadays too. We spent about 2 hours within the park, and of course cam whored a little. Think my nephew has the potential on cam whoring, what do you think?

25 DEC 2009: Friends invited me to stay-over in Genting on the night of Christmas Eve, where we had a little party with gift-exchanged. I bought a gift and wrapped it nicely. Think the wrapping is comparative with Danny’s wrapping lo, hehe. And during the trip only I realized that Genting has strawberry farm too.

Among all those gifts below, which do you think is mine?

December 16, 2009

My Humble Xmas Décor

16 DEC 2009: Been to some shopping malls around the town and enjoyed their effort to setup those Xmas décor within the mall itself. Though some people might have different opinion comparing those décor in different malls, but at least they are willing to invest such money and effort despite of the bad economic condition; just to provide us with a better festival environment and feel. So I think they’ve done a good job.

Therefore, I myself decided to put in some effort to decorate my own cube in the office so that everyone around me would feel the festive season. After so many sleepless night and endless thought, this is what I’ve done.

What do you think my own décor? Isn’t it simple but elegant, just like the person himself?

December 4, 2009

Heaven or Hell?

4 DEC 2009: Had a lovely conversation with an old man last week, and it somehow led to a question whether I would like to go to heaven. Being a stubborn me, I chose to stay on earth instead. And of course lo kena scolded like a dog on why should I stay on earth if given a chance to go to heaven.

Come to think of the reasons I chose to stay on earth:

1. I still don’t feel like leaving my family and friends, though I know someday/somehow we will be separated. At least not NOW lo, unless I have no choice.

2. People always say how good is heaven, but why shouldn’t I appreciate what I have now rather than going for uncertainty? In fact, I’m doubt whether I’m qualified to be placed there.

3. Last and most importantly, I might be bored in heaven. Imagining what can I do there? Catch butterfly every day?

Heaven or Hell, what is your pick?

December 1, 2009

Self Lock Up

1 DEC 2009: I did the same silly mistake again this morning, locked up myself within the main door and grille. Here is the story; I woke up and get myself ready as usual and walked out the main door with my usual stuffs i.e. bag, wallet and cell phone. Follows the normal routine, I walked out the main door, locked it from inside and closed the door; the next step would be opening the grille’s lock. And only I found that I left my keys inside the house!!!

The helpless me ended up stuck between the door and grille. What can I do in such condition? Obviously I couldn’t break my own door and grille. So I called my father back to release me out. Luckily he was just nearby and it only took him 15 minutes to come back and save me out

Do you have such a stupid experience before? What would you do in such condition?

November 30, 2009

A memorable night with Sandy

28 NOV 2009: If there’s a question on the hottest HK female singers on 80s and 90s, I’m sure Sandy Lam would be one of them. I wouldn’t say that I’m a great fan of her, but I do like most of her songs especially the 伤痕 album. Well, who doesn’t like that album right?

Thanks to my friend, Fredrick who called me last minute and gave me a complimentary pass to Sandy’s concert last Saturday. I said yes without second thought and reached Bukit Jalil Indoor stadium within 30 minutes. Furthermore, it caught me by surprise that it was a RM368 pass where the seat was pretty near to the stage.

Few minutes after I seated, K6 presented their new songs. I felt bad that I didn’t aware Danny Gaga was one of the dancers. Good performance though I didn’t pay much attention, LOL (Too many distraction from the crowd; like an annual gathering).

Sandy gave a spectacular performance throughout the night, with great selection of songs I would say. At least I knew most of the songs. I enjoyed very much over the 3 hours concert even though I was sitting alone. Great performance and songs, and wonderful crowd that I couldn’t keep my eyes from scanning around throughout the night.

P.S.: I’m now listening to Sandy’s songs in office, imagining I’m still in the concert.

November 20, 2009

Penang Bridge Marathon 2009

20 NOV 2009: The once a year Penang Bridge Marathon is around the corner again (22 Nov 2009). I will drive up tomorrow with some friends. We plan to start our journey from KL at 6:30am, stop by at Ipoh for dim sum and reach Penang at around 1-2pm for hotel check-in and to collect our goodies bad at Queens Bay Mall.

This is my 2nd time joining Penang Bridge Marathon where the 1st run was 3 years back for the fun run (10km). But I will run for 21km this time. A little nervous I am as didn’t really practice much for this run. Hopefully I can finish it within the time limit of 3.5 hours.

Anyone else join this event? I will be in Penang till Monday though, any recommendation for makan place? Hm..maybe I should ask TZ on this.

November 16, 2009

Novel vs. Movie

Friend recommended to read the novel (Time Travelers’ wife) saying novel is better than the movie itself. Therefore, I watched it and came out from the cinema with a smile on my face. I wondered why…

The storyline is pretty simple that the husband is a time traveler who couldn’t control when/where he would travel to. But he can only travel to major events pertaining to his own life. Nothing fancy about the character apart from starring by hunky Eric Bana and some topless/naked shots. However, I was deeply touched by the wife character starring by charming Rachel McAdams. The passion and belief that she has over the man she loved ever since they met when she was a little girl, has struck my head lightly. Felt like something that I’ve lost over the years, and wondered whether such unconditional love still exist nowadays? Another lovely fairy tales it must be, I thought of this while putting a smile to myself.

People tend to say that novel-based movie isn’t normally as good as the original novel. What do you think? Can you think of any great novel-based movie?

November 12, 2009

Fun Time with Cups and Cakes

12 NOV 2009: Wanted to bake egg tart initially, but cousin came over to my house over the weekend. So I thought it would be fun to try cupcakes instead. It didn’t take me long to prepare those ingredients like butter, flour, sugar, lemon etc with help of my cousin. Being a lazy her normally, I was surprised that she has been very attentive and helpful for the whole process.

Cousin was a little worried initially as it was our 1st time of baking cupcakes, but it turned out nicely on par with those selling by bakery..LOL. With a little creativity on the frosting, the cupcakes even looked more appearing

What do you think of the cupcakes, considering it was my 1st attempt of baking cupcakes?

November 9, 2009

Beautiful Nightmare

9 NOV 2009: As you might wonder that I have disappeared for week, I went to Bali for 5D4N holiday and it was awesome. It was a very nice place with fantastic culture, food and people.

Anyway, the weird thing was that I had a dream during my 2nd night there. You know, I don’t normally remember my dream after woke up unless it’s really that unforgettable.

The dream started where I was having family dinner. It was a nice dinner until my dad suddenly asked when will I get marry. As usual, I just ignore it but it wasn’t ended like just that this time around. All my brother and sisters who normally wouldn’t say a word about this were looking and pointing fingers at me, asking the same question repeatedly. Fortunately, I was frightened and woke up from the “nightmare”. What’s the indication of this? I’m reading a book about dreams but still, seems like the doctor couldn’t cure himself!!

Can you recall when was your most recently nightmare encounter? How bad was it?

October 29, 2009

Melbourne Trip 2009

Day 1: Touched down Melbourne Airport at 12:30am and quickly went over to friend’s house to unpack our stuff and rest. Woke up early the next morning to visit some wineries and a historical town nearby Melbourne named Bendigo. Felt a little tipsy after few rounds of wine tasting and it was definitely a good experience. We ended up bought 2 bottles of red wine that cost us AUD20 each.

Day 2: Woke up early as it would be a long day tour to the Great Ocean Road. It is Victoria’s most spectacular route and is recognized as one of the world’s most scenic coastal drive. No doubt that it was a wonderful driving experience with magnificent scenery along the way. And the famous Twelve Apostles are one of the largest limestone rock stacks in the world. It was a cold and windy day but luckily all of us wore enough clothes. Dropped by at the nearby town called Warnambool for dinner before drove all the way back Melbourne.

Day 3: A day tour to Melbourne Zoo. Met up with friends at Victoria Market for breakfast and took a tram to Zoo. Bought a daily tram ticket cost AUD6++ with unlimited ride throughout a day. The zoo was quite packed with families on weekend, and it’s very well designed and maintained. It was my first time experience seeing Kangaroo and Koala bear.

Day 4-6: Planned to visit Philip Island initially, but we cancelled the trip due to some circumstances. Therefore, we took our own sweet time with city and shopping tour for the next 3 days. Nothing much in Melbourne city itself apart from some gorgeous cathedrals, art center/theatre, Federation Square, Library, Town Hall etc. Had a day shopping at Victoria’s Market though I didn’t buy much due to the high exchange rate of Aussie dollar.

Nothing much to shout about the Melbourne city itself apart from the magnificent Great Ocean Road. Anyhow, what matter most was the great company I had along the trip. I believe we had gone through enough along the whole trip that had definitely strengthened our friendship.

October 20, 2009

1st Baking Experience

20 OCT 2009: Baked my 1st cake over the weekend. Friends advised me to start with the basic butter cake, but I baked a marble cake instead. With a baking book beside me, it didn’t take me too long to prepare all the ingredients. While the whole experience itself wasn’t as tough as expected that it took me less than an hour to get it done. Baked the mixture in my new oven at 180C for 40 minutes, and the cake turned out a little burnt on 1 side. Well, I would say it looked and tasted “Not bad” for a 1st time baker me.

My next target will be egg tart!!!

I’ll be flying off tomorrow (21 OCT 2009) for a week holiday vacation. It’ll be a 7++ hours of flight to the South. Till we meet again, wish you all a wonderful week ahead.

And guess what, this is my 100th posting!!!! Hooray!!!!!

October 15, 2009

Happy Deepavali

15 OOCT 2009: Being in holiday mood as company declared replacement holiday on tomorrow (16 Oct) due to Deepavali celebration.

Deepavali is a festival of lights for our Indian community. Still remember whenever 2 major racial celebrations clash with each other, we would give it a special name like “Deepa-raya” and “Gong Xi-Raya”. Wondering what happen if Deepavali clashes with Chinese New Year someday? Will we name it as “Deepa-Fa Cai”? Or “Gong Xi-Vali”?

Wishing all my friends here a Happy Deepavali and enjoy the holiday.

October 13, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary

13 OCT 2009: Checked back my archive and found out that today is my 1st anniversary of blogging. I started this blog on 13th Oct 2008 to share my own stories with some oversea friends. But it caught me by surprise that I’ve got to know some real good friends through blogging.

From the archive of 97 posts for the past whole year, I wouldn’t say that I’m an active blogger especially these few months where my office workload and gym routine have taken some of my blogging time. Anyhow, I’m glad and proud that I’m still surviving here and thank everyone for visiting this blog.

Hooray……Happy Anniversary!!!

October 7, 2009

Ekiden Relay Run 2009

4 OCT 2009: Went for the 4th Ekiden Run 2009 at Putrajaya with the usual marathon kaki. There were 10 of us in 2 different teams. I was the team leader that of the team named H5N5. What a dramatic name given.

The run started officially at 8am where it was a relay run that each of us had to run for the distance of 3km. I was pretty stressed as 1st runner. Everyone ran at a very fast pace for the 1st 1km. I pushed myself a little faster than my normal pace in order to keep up with others and completed the 3km within 17 minutes. Not too bad I guess as a 1st runner with less than 20 ahead of me. Finally, my team finished the run within 1 hour 20 minutes at 50th. Well done team!!!

It was a fun and well organized event. However, the organizer shall locate more remote toilets at the interchange section as I saw lots of guys did their business around the bushes. Kind of disgusting and I bet it wasn’t something proud to be shown especially to foreigner.

Who is interested to form a team of 5 for next year? And a fancy name for the team?

October 1, 2009

Annyeong haseyo

1 OCT 2009: Went for Korean dinner with friends few days back at Seoul Garden in Kuchai Lama. Ordered some BBQ stuff and some Korean famous dishes as usual, and the food was pretty OK la. However, the restaurant was empty most of the time except us and 2 more tables for the whole night. I couldn’t help but wondered how could they survive with such a bad business. Perhaps it was weekday though.

Anyway, the weirdo me isn’t a big fan of Korean food. But what I like most are those small and colourful side dishes. Love the kim chi, pan cake and anchovies.

How much do you like Korean food? And what do you like most?

And today is my niece’s 2nd birthday. I’m thinking to put on a small celebration for her. Perhaps a simple KFC meal with a ladybird cake from Secret Recipe.

September 28, 2009

My BIG Day

28 SEP 2009: It’s my birthday today, but I chose to work instead of staying at home. A quite day with gloomy weather that allow me to flash back some of the memory for the past 30 years. It was 20 years back since my mum left us, 9 years since I graduated from Degree and all the things that I’ve done and gone through throughout these years. I remember a conversation over a radio last few days about what age is considered old for guy/lady. And one of DJ said we’re old when we start to flash/talk back about our old time. Ouch….is it what I’m doing now? Time really flies I would say.

I’m always glad that I have a great and supportive family/relatives and friends being around me, where they had organized some birthday celebrations for me over the weekend.

1. Lunar birthday celebration with family and relatives. Lovely dinner and had a great time with all of them, always.

2. Went for short hike with friends at Cheras, and they threw me a little surprise celebration.

3. Monthly birthday celebration with close friends. 4 September babies celebrated our birthday together. Nothing is better than sharing the happiness with a group of close friends.

4. Celebration with buddies and gym mates at Karaoke. They had a great time with the singing where I was just being an audience.

Those celebrations were fantastic and this would definitely be a memorable year for me. Thanks everyone for always being there for me.

September 25, 2009

I’ve got “Oven”

25 SEP 2009: Received an early call on the delivery of oven. It was faster than expected as they told it will take 2-4 weeks. Anyhow, I’ve finally got it and what now? When will be my 1st baking experience using this oven and what shall I bake?

As I’m working from home today, the lazy me had decided to go for instant noodle as a quick lunch. Simply picked an egg and the egg turned out with twins egg yolks. Being a silly me, I felt so bad to eat it and put it back to the fridge.

September 22, 2009

The Search for Charcoal Moon Cake

22 Sep 2009: Received an early call (8:30am) from a friend for breakfast. The sleepy me drove over to Bandar Kinrara to meet with them and went to Bandar Puteri for Dim Sum breakfast. Forgotten the name of the restaurant but the dim sum was quite nice.

Went to Digital Mall to look for mp3 player since we have nothing to do for rest of the day. They have all sort of varieties with wide range of prices dependent on the brand and capacity. You can even get a 2GB mp3 player at the price of RM69 with 1 year warranty, provided you are not brand conscious la.

So we walked over to nearby Baker’s Cottage as my friend wanted to buy the charcoal moon cake. It’s a latest product and my friends said charcoal is good for our body though I have no idea how good it is. Can’t imagine eating charcoal though. Surprisingly it was sold out, and what make it worse is that the so called charcoal moon cake is no more under production. What!!! It was 11 days to go before the festive and it’s already sold out?

Anyone tried this moon cake? Mind to share your thought on it?

September 17, 2009

Potential Baker vs Home Chef

17 SEP 2009: You know, the cheapo me always have all sort of cards within my wallet. Put away those credit cards with some bad debts, I have lots other cards like Bonuslink, JuscoCard etc. The purpose is not other than collecting points to redeem for free gifts.

As my Bonuslink points have accumulated up to 13k and some points will get expired soon, I was looking at the newsletter for choices of gift redemption. I was quite interested on the oven, as I always wanted to bake cakes and cookies. Well, I did bake before (I mean years back) and it was such a disaster. The cake turned out like a “kuih” (*&#*&@()*$@, shame me!). But hey, failure is the “mother” of success and who knows I might have potential on bakery.

On the other side, my busybody dad wants to get a Food Steamer. Oh yeah, he always love this kind of kitchen gadget. But these gadgets would end up at the corner of store room after few times of usage as he would normally gave up after few failure attempts. My dad and gadget just couldn’t get along well.

The indecisive me is scratching my head now for choices between “OVEN” and “FOOD STEAMER”. What say you?

September 14, 2009

New Layout

14 SEP 2009: Had meeting with some friends last weekend, and one of them told me that my blog's layout is kind of boring. Therefore, I looked around for new layout as my workload is getting lighter this week comparing to past few weeks. I've gone through some very interesting layouts, which are creative, colourful and attractive. However, I wanted to make it clean and comfortable; preferably with white background. Following are some of those layouts that caught my attention.

And finally I chose the current layout. Not much different in term of colour comparing with my previous layout, but this layout has 3 columns where it provides me with better flexibility to manage my content.

What do you think of this layout? Feel free to provide me with comments.

September 8, 2009

4D3N Chiang Mai trip

31 Aug 2009 : DAY 01 - ARRIVAL CHIANGMAI
Took the morning AA flight to Chiang Mai (Around 3 hours). Warm welcome by the tour guide (Mr. Siao Ma) who spoke mandarin. First destination was Doi Suthep temple that located in the west of Chiangmai city on Doi Suthep, 929 feet above sea level. As we have a senior visitor with us, we took the tram car up to the temple. You can choose to climb up the 300 steps by yourself though. It was a wonderful 1st day with fascinating view of Chiang Mai town and chilling fresh air at this temple.

After the trip, we went for a Khantoke Dinner where we were served with Northern Thai food accompanied with cultural Lanna-Style Performance during the dinner. Checked in to our hotel (Centara Duang Tawan Hotel).

Woke up at 630am for early breakfast at hotel and headed to Chiang Rai via Van, which took around 4 hours drive.1st drop off point was Mae Kajan Hot Spring, which didn’t give me any surprise. Stayed for 30 minutes and went to 2nd destination, which was White Temple (Rong Khun Temple). As it was rained at the time we reached, we happily carried our umbrella and walked around the temple. It is a very beautiful temple with all white in color, which is very different from typical temple around Thailand; a must visit place if you happen to come here. Proceed with lunch nearby The Golden Triangle, which is the intersection between Mekong River and Kong River (The border of Thailand, Vietnam and Laos). Took a boat ride to a small village located in Laos, which has nothing much there apart some stalls selling local-made souvenirs. Another 4 hours drive back to Chiang Mai. And yeah, I managed to hit the hotel’s gym for an hour of workout. The night ended with shopping along the night market.

2 SEP 2009: DAY 03 - CHIANGMAI
After breakfast went to visit Orchid & Butterfly Farm before we proceed to Ban Tong Luang (Mix Hill Tribes village) to visit those Chiang Mai famous long-neck people. The village was nice and clean, where the whole village was actually supported by government. There were some nice looking ladies, but most of them were married with kids. Anyhow, I think the village was too commercialized and kind of loss its culture. The next destination was Elephant Camp in a Natural Park, which was quite an interesting place to visit where we were entertained with some performances by those well trained elephants. Took our lunch and visited some bird nest and honey manufacturers before visited the final destination of the day, which was San Kham Pang Village (Home Industries). This village has assorted size and design of those paper-made umbrellas. The umbrella was nicely painted with assorted design and colors. Had dinner and did our final shopping at night market.

After breakfast, packed our stuff and happily flew back to KL.

August 28, 2009

Berry Berry…I LOVE YOU

28 AUG 2009: I’ve just got this new toy few days back. It wasn’t that user friendly initially but its beauty covers all the downside. I’m still in the progress of learning to be with her 24x7. Nothing fancy about the phone physically or functionality wise. However, the build quality is good and emailing is excellent by using this phone.

I guess I’m falling in love again…unfortunately just with a mobile phone.

August 27, 2009

My Little Guardian Angel

26 AUGUST 2009: Sometimes, a gift from someone that doesn’t cost much monetary wise but could really touch our heart deeply. A good friend of mine came back from Singapore and made this little gift for me; a little angel made from crystals. I saw such thing before at those shops but I felt nothing towards such fancy accessories. However, when my friend told me that it was hand-made; It was kind of touched me suddenly. Therefore, I hang it in my car where looking at it every day reminds of this precious friend of mine.

What is the cheapest gift you have received that meant a lot for you?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been extremely busy lately with works that takes away all my time from blogging and checking out all your blogs (You know who you are). I felt good last weekend when I finally had time to catch up a movie and some drinks at KL. Hope all of you are doing well too.

Selamat berpuasa to everyone.

August 12, 2009

Don’t mess with the bitch

7 AUG 2009: 2nd half of year 2009 doesn’t seem to be good for me. I’ve been extremely busy with work and lots of problems suddenly came to me ever since early last month. Not to mention about work where I’ve been running 3 different projects concurrently that takes away all my old sweet time of chatting in office. The worst thing happened was I received a letter asking me to attend a court case due to an accident that I met on year 2007.

A bike hit my car from the back when I drove to KL on the day of incident. The pillion had a fractured knee and she’s now filing a court case to claim from my car’s insurance. What a bitch!! Therefore, the insurance company’s lawyer requested me to attend the court to provide briefing on the accident itself. It wasn’t that bad at all as it was my 1st experience being in a real court. Perhaps it was just a little civil case, where they took it really slow and easy. The lawyers talked in a pace 5x slower than me. And they didn’t seem prepared for the case, as they were continuously looking at the paper (for at least 30 seconds) before asking the next question.

Have you been to any court case before? What was it about and how was the experience?

August 3, 2009

Black or White

3 AUG 2009: Look around you…did you notice that some of your friends have suddenly become tanner though they didn’t go for sun tanning? Well, I have few friends who did. There was a tanning studio opened at Mid Valley months back that my friends have signed up for their package, where each tanning session (15-20 min) cost around RM30++ excluding the lotion. Anyhow, I shall feel glad that I don’t need such service, as I’m not a fair person myself.

The elderly always say that “Fair skin can cover 3 ugliness” and does this still applicable nowadays? Anyhow, I’m still seeing lots of beauty products for fairer skin, but those are mostly targeting on ladies. I couldn’t help but wonder whether ladies always want a fairer skin, and guys like a tanner skin color? Or it’s a matter of personal preference?

So ladies and gentlemen, what’s your preference on skin color (For yourself and your partner)?

July 30, 2009

Sg Gabai day trip & Adidas KOTR Goodies Collection

26 JULY 2009: My 2nd trip to Sg Gabai for these 2 months (Went there last month with a group of friends) but this time around was with family and relatives. Slept at 3am the night before due to clubbing, but woke up at 8am to prepare myself as a driver.

It took around an hour of drive from Serdang to Sg Gabai. A lot of fruit stalls along the way selling mostly durian, mangosteen and cempedak. Reached the destination and they charged us RM1 per person for the carpark/entry. Just paid it since we’ve already there, and then we have to walk up hundreds of staircases to the best picnic spot (carrying food and drinks). The waterfall was nice but I think they need to put more effort to maintain the facilities i.e. toilet. Had our picnic and spent few hours there before we drove back to Serdang. We dropped by at the Hot Spring on the way back, where the place was packed with aunties and uncles. Some of them even brushed their teeth there…so funny.

29 JULY 2009: Adidas KOTR run will be held on 2nd of August at Shah Alam. My friends and I drove over to Stadium Shah Alam to collect the goodies bag. The line was quite long when we reached, but we still patiently queue for it. Anyhow, we were still standing at the same spot after 10 minutes and we started to loss our patience. Even the pakcik who stood in front of us also complained about it. Anyhow, nothing much inside the goodies bag apart from a running shirt, bib and RM50 Adidas voucher. But I do really like the shirt given this year, which it's very well designed and sharp in colour (Orange + blue stripes).

Note: I took the M size and it’s so damn tight. Think I have to diet for whole week to fit into the shirt on this Sunday.

July 22, 2009

Siemens KL Run 2009

19 JULY 2009: Just 2 weeks apart after the Standard Chartered KL Run, I’ve joined the Siemens Run that held in KL. As usual, waking up at 5am early morning would be the toughest thing for me. This time around I took some banana and energy bar bought from Cold Storage the night before.

Reached Dataran Merdeka at 630am and did some warm up exercise. The crowd wasn’t that much comparing to previous run. And guess what, I met with another 2 bloggers there. What a surprise to see them, but sorry that I could hardly recognize both of you especially at early morning when my brain was still sleeping. Anyhow, the event started punctually at 730am where I reached the finishing line at around 830am. The router itself has a lot of hills with quite some numbers of water stations.

The sad thing is I couldn’t get a medal for this run. Anyhow, they gave away a goodies bag containing a big bottle of whitening lotion, energy bar etc. Quite a good deal and it was definitely a good experience for me.

Next run: Adidas King of the Road. Anyone?

July 15, 2009

"Top" on "Lap" inside the "Car"

15 JULY 2009: I’m a person who’s very lazy to carry a laptop around. However, I have to do that due to the nature of my work. I have no problem at all to use the laptop around the office. In fact, I do like it in such a way that I could move around to sit at any meeting room to have my own little private time. Sounds cheeky, does it?

The biggest issue with the laptop is when I need to go for gym after work. Since I don’t feel good to carry it around or to lock it inside the gym’s locker room, I’ve asked some of my colleague for a better suggestion on how to store the laptop safely inside my car.

Coll 1: Carry it around with you for safety. (Lovely….do I need to ask more?)
Coll 2: Just put it inside the car boot. (CRAP!!)
Coll 3: Take out the laptop and put it under the seat, and put the bag inside the boot. (Hmm..does it works?)

So boys and girls..ladies and gentlemen, any better suggestion for me?

July 9, 2009

My Energy Booster

9 JULY 2009: I tend to get sleepy after lunch, especially at 3-4pm (Well, not today as I’m writing this). Apart from writing some stuff here to keep myself awake, I have another secret that perhaps I could share with you guys out there. All I need is a cup of drink that could boost my energy. Take a look on collection of drinks that I keep inside my drawer:

Well, use your own creativity to mix those. You can either mix “green + rose tea”, “whisky + coffee”, “green tea + coffee”, just whatever that you can come out with.

However, my favourite would be “green tea + whisky”…feel myself like a flying pig after taken it.

So, what’s the trick to keep youself awake?

July 7, 2009

Dinner at Ozeki Japanese Restaurant

4 JULY 2009: Was invited by a close gal friend for dinner at Ozeki Japanese Restaurant in Menara TA. I’ve never heard about this restaurant before, where I drove there with another friend of mine. Found the building itself and simply park my car at the roadside. And there was an Indian buddy requested for RM25 as he claimed it was jockey parking. Fine, I drove my car again to a proper carpark that cost me rm15. Damn, since when the parking in KL become so expensive? The last time I came around the area for clubbing, it fee was rm10.

Reached the restaurant at 9pm and some friends were already there, having the peach salad. Quickly grab some salad as I was very hungry. Then, we ordered some foods recommended and a bottle of red wine. The food served was great in taste comparing to other Japanese restaurants. I love the peach salad and chicken wings very much. Another bottle of red wine after finished the 1st bottle, and we called the night off at 11pm. The damage on wallet for the night, RM600 for 4 pax. I’m so gonna eat bread/biscuit for the rest of month.

Anyone of you been to this restaurant before? How was the damage on your wallet then?

July 1, 2009


1 JUL 2009: Oh mine, there gone 1st half of the year, and another 6 months to go for year 2009. Looking back on the resolution made last year, how many of those had been achieved? Hm…so stress la…

Anyhow, I’ve been eating home-made sausage bun as breakfast for the past 3 days (Yeah, I made it by myself). As you all might know on how much I love sausages, it could be boring if we had it for few consecutive days.

After too many sausages eaten for these few days, I don’t think I’ll have appetite to eat whatever sausages for the next whole week. What for breakfast tomorrow then?

June 29, 2009

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009

28 JUNE 2009: The 1st Standard Chartered KL Marathon had been held at Dataran Merdeka today. I’ve participated in the 10km run that started at 7am. I woke up at 4am on the day itself to get myself ready and took a light breakfast of cereals and bananas; drove myself to Bukit Jalil LRT station for the bus to Dataran Merdeka just to avoid the traffic jam due to road block around the city. I won’t critic on the event over here though I heard quite a lot of complaints about it. Anyhow, there’re a lot spaces for improvement thatI hope Standard Chartered will do a better job next year from the experience they've got this year.

I’ve tried my very best to complete the 10km run this time in order to break my own personal record. The result can be checked on the official page within 48 hours that I’ll definitely share with you guys once I’ve got it.

If you noticed that I didn’t wear the shirt given, it was because the L size was really oversize and they didn’t allow me to change the shirt size during the goodies collection.

Did you join this marathon? If yes, what is your review on it?

Next run: Siemens Run 2009 (19 July 2009)

June 27, 2009

SC Marathon Goodies Collection

26 JUN 2009: Went to Dataran Merdeka with friends at 12pm to collect our goodies bag for Standard Chartered Marathon. It was a gloomy noon and the queue was pretty long when we reached there. So we patiently took the queue for 10km run that was around 50m away from the collection counter. However, We moved less than a meter forward after 15 minutes and it started to rain. Luckily we had our umbrella ready. As the rain was quite heavy, my jeans and shoe were wet badly. After another 20 minutes of wait under the rain, we’ve got to know that the electricity was out due to rain. Perhaps it was an unpredictable scenario where it took them another 30 minutes to repair it.

Another 30 minutes of wait after they fixed the electricity, as the staff were too efficient to pack the goodies bag. Here’s the process that I observed:
1. Get your IC to be entered manually into system to get your bib no and t-shirt size (The typing speed of the lady was….SLOW).
2. Grab the bag and put in all those goodies one-by-one into the bag (Why didn't they do this earlier?).
3. Sometimes will ask for contact no (Another manual entry with slow typing speed).

4. Pass the goodies bag.

It stated that a person can only collect maximum of 6 goodies on behalf of friends. But the guy in front of me collected at least 8 goodies bag without the lady said anything. Such a friendly management they were.

It took me freaking 2 hours there just to collect the goodies bag. In addition of time taken to travel back and forth, 3 hours gone. It was a bad experience comparing with all previous marathon joined. As this is the 1st time ever for Stand Chart, hope they can really improve it for years to come.

June 23, 2009

Weekend Makan-Makan + BodyPump

22 JUNE 2009: I had been rushing to complete a document for a whole past week, with lots of night conference calls with U.S. for discussions. It supposed to be a father’s day weekend, but my dad left me alone to Bali for his vacation with siblings. Therefore, the lonely me had decided to retreat myself by joining my gym mates for dinner at Gu Yue Tien Chinese Cuisine located at Chulan Square KL.

I parked my car nearby Pavilion and walked over to Chulan Square, which took me around 10 minutes of walk with chit chat along the way. There was a nice swivel staircase upon entering the main entrance that leads to 1st floor. The restaurant was nicely designed but the space is kind of limited. We ordered a father’s day dinner set that cost RM298 for 4 pax excluded additonal charges. It was a 6 courses dinner with a seafood cold dish (crab, prawn and oyster), shark’s fin soup, scallop, duck leg, noodle and Suet Yi dessert (A free bottle of red wine). The food served was nice in an acceptable portion. Even though it was a bit pricey (for me la), but the lovely decorated environment and great services provided paid it off.

After a heavy makan session over the weekend, I finally joined the Body Pump class at CF today. As a 1st timer, I need to test the water and didn’t put too much weight. I was sort of loss in between that I think the instructor didn’t provide enough explanation for a beginner like me. I warmed up with the weight of 3.5kg (each side) and the maximum weight used was 5kg (each side) during squat. I was still standing after an hour class that my friend said I didn’t use enough weight. Anyhow, it was a great workout and I’ll definitely do it better next time. Next target of mine is cycling class on Wednesday.

While waiting for another conference call here at 12:45am, flashing back what have I done for the past 1 month within the quiet and peaceful night. Obviously, my work load is higher comparing few months back; I've joined gym that I think I'm improving slowly in term of my physical appearance and social life and I've got to know some great friends at gym. However, I think I've loosen up a bit in term of my contact with some close friends of mine like Meg, David, CicakFong, Pontivan, BabiMummy, Anton and etc. Kinda miss them suddenly and will definitely try my best to catch up with them soon....I promise...

June 16, 2009

Company Annual Dinner

13 June 2009: Went for my company annual dinner at Crowne Plaza hotel, located beside Wisma Genting. The theme of the dinner was “Occupation Night” where I supposed everyone should dress in their dream occupation. But surprisingly only 10 of them reeally put effort to dress up. As I’m damn busy lately managing and running few projects on my hand, I just simply dressed like an office boy. Well, I thought of being a fisherman though but I didn’t have time to prepare those clothes and tools.

The ballroom was located at 30th floor, which is quite with a lovely view of KL. The dinner was scheduled to start at 6:30pm but lots of typical Malaysian colleagues were late. So the dinner ended up started at 7:30pm. It was a buffet style dinner where the food served was fine with acceptable varieties. As far as I’m concerned, I ate quite a lot of salmon and mutton that made me feel guilty until today. But luckily I did go to gym these 2 days to burn those excessive calories taken.

Talking about gym, I purposely went to CF earlier today to join the cycling class. But the class was full, with 5-6 names on waiting list. So I ended up did my routine workout of running plus weight training. Will definitely try out the cycling and bodypump classes someday.

Oh yea, almost forgotten about the lucky draw session. The "lucky" me have got a voucher for a night stay at Cyberview Lodge with 2 breakfast. Why on earth I need to stay there as my house is just 10 minutes away? So I traded it with my colleague for a Nike bag. Not a bad deal huh, at least I can use the Nike bag for gym.

June 8, 2009

3D2N Lang Tengah trip

8 June 2009: Was busying with works for the past week after back from the island trip, till no time to blog about it. Yaya, I know Granny Twilight has been complaining again on my expired blog again. We wouldn’t name him Grandma for no reason right, hehe. Here is a summary of the whole trip.

Wed - 27 May 2009
Took the bus from Pudu Raya at 1030pm.

Thu - 28 May 2009
Reached Kuala Terengganu Jetty with my aching back and ass. The 8 hours of bus-ride with uncounted stop/rest in between has been tested my patience. Sleepless and exhausted me could almost scared off other tourists around Kuala Terengganu. Took the boat to Lang Tengah at 800am where we reached at D’Coconut Resort an hour later. Upon arrival, we quickly went for snorkeling and camwhore around the resort. Not much surprise though with the usual fishes and corals.

Took lunch at the restaurant where the food served wasn’t that good as I remembered. First snorkeling trip outside the island at 3pm but I skipped it as I was so tired; and I went for a short sun-bath instead.

It was the first night in the island. We brought some beers and a bottle of whisky that we ended up with a lot of drinking and some cheeky games till 2 hours passed midnight.

Fri - 29 May 2009
Supposed to go for sunrise jungle trekking, but we skipped it again due to rain. It was a free and easy morning that we had walked around the resort for photography and camwhore. Another (2nd) snorkeling trip at the noon itself, but I skipped that again (Haha, you might start cursing me). Well, snorkeling wasn’t my main purpose for this trip as I just wanted to relax and recharge myself.

It was 2nd and final night in the island where we spent it with stargazing and had some quality conversation among few of us. The sky was much clearer with much more visible stars comparing with KL. The same old sky, but it’s totally different from 2 points of view. Same thing happens on our daily lives, aren’t we all seeing thing/issue just from our point of view? Being a selfish and negative us? Just a thought of mine over the night.

Sat - 30 May 2009
Woke up at 7am for breakfast to take the 8am boat-ride back to KT. Reached KL at 7pm where the tired me took a LRT back home.

The above is just a short summary of the whole trip, and I didn’t mention some of the details of course especially on the cheeky games part. Anyhow, it was a great trip where I’ve met with some wonderful new friends. Most importantly, I’ve recharged myself after so much stress (due to work and also relationship) for the past few months.